vx9000e mic/battery problem

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      Hi all,

      I recently aquired a Sony VX9000E from an ad posted on mandy.com, it was sold as seen and was a bargain so I bought it.

      I have a few problems with the camera though –

      The on board mic does not work – it only records a type of static (kinda like theres a loose connection and I’m fiddling with the cable constantly, obviously I’m not as its attached) NOTE – it has a mini jack input and using my sennheiser shotgun mic plugged in through here I can achieve decent audio – I would just like to be able to use the on board mic!

      The battery has been modified – what I mean by this is the previous owner has re-wired where the battery used to connect to the camera and it now takes much larger battery’s than the originals. This wouldn’t be a problem except with the new batteries I cannot attach the power cable so when the battery dies, I’m done. I’m finding this hard to explain so if you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me know and I’ll post some photos of the ‘modification’!

      Also I’m based in Cardiff, Wales, UK so if anyone knows of a cheap place to get any of the above problems fixed could you let me know!


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