VX2100 turns off after idle time

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      I have 3 Sony VX2100’s.

      One quirk that they have, and that I haven’t been able to over ride is the power save feature.

      To Explain:
      If the camcorder has been on and idle for more that about 5 or so minutes, it automatically shuts off.

      To correct this, I have to flip the switch off then turn it back on.
      It is very annoying because I have just added a service to my company where I have a kiosk for people to make comments to. They push the record button and talk then hit stop when they’re done.

      But during the wait time in between people, it shuts off.

      How do I over ride this function? Any help would be appreciated.

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      It does not turn off to save power, it turns off to save your tape. When in standby (tape in, power on, not recording), the tape head is spinning against the tape. This causes wear on both the tape and video heads. You never want to leave a camera in pause mode for very long because of this.

      If you want the power to stay on, remove the tape. For a kiosk, there is no easy solution – except recording to a hard drive or something…


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