VX2100 setting 1 mic to left & 1 mic to right???

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      To start off with the question:
      With the VX2100, 2 mics, how would I send one mic to the right channel, and one to the left?
      So that "Mic A" is recorded to the left channel on the tape and Mic B is recorded to the right channel?

      This would be a 2-part question.
      1st: With an AZDEN wireless receiver hooked to the camera?
      2nd: Without a wireless receiver. (Is this even possible)

      With the DCR VX2100 there is one, single, 1/8" external mic jack.

      I started a thread a couple months ago where Hank mentioned setting one to the right channel and one to the left. I just wanted to know how to actually do that with the above mentioned questions.

      Thanks everyone.

      One last question:
      Doesn anyone know of any devices that actually attach to the Hotshoe?

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