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      My VX2100 claims to have progressive scan ability but will only shoot a shutter speed 1/15 sec in progressive mode and produces jumpy results. Dont no what I can use this for. Any ideas.

      Great camera though.

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      Unless you have a brand new digital TV that displays everything in progressive scan.. But, I have never found the “Progrssive scan” feature on the sony real useful.

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      Suggest stills (e.g., shooting stationary art) or very slow moving subjects may be suitable for progressive scan. Operation manual (p 34) could be more clear on this subject. Have experimented with progressive scan and the jittery result is not suitable for any of my projects at this time. Re shutter speed, have had great results with 1/30th and 1/15th in low light club and event situations. I look at a lot of 70’s 80’s concert footage on rented and purchased DVDs and VHS tapes; my images on the 2100 are much better; course I’m shooting the Sookie Jump Blues Band and not Little Feat! The custom pre-set function of the 2100 provides amazing exposure flexibility across the board. Have had my 2100 for 6 weeks and my only problem with it is that I am constantly reordering tape!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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