VX2100 or HVR HD1000

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      the hd1000 is clearly cheaper, but from what i’ve read the VX2100 has better low light capability. This would be used for weddings primarily.

      thanks for any input

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      If memory serves, this is one of their early versions of their HD camcorders. it on has 1 CMOS sensor and records in 1080i.

      Personally, I would not buy it. I’ve been using the VX2100 for a few years now. It is SD but the picture is crystal clear and has very good low light.

      It is 3 CCD’s @ 1/3 inch.

      Great camera. Best I’ve ever owned.

      Personally if you are going to go HD, and can only afford this price range for a camera, then instead of getting a low quality HD camera that will be obsolete in a year, Get a really good SD camera that is top of the line, then make the switch later when better HD cameras come down in price.

      That HD camera is not even as good as SD camera.

      Anyway, just my thought.

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      ok what about the HDR FX1000?

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      That is a much better camera, but again, it is only 1 CMOS sensor. For something as important as Wedding videography, you are going to want 3 CMOS or CCD’s. One just won’t cut it in today’s society.

      This is one of their older models. Not as old as the first one you asked about.

      But your main problem here is this:

      If you are going to film weddings with this camera, you WILL need at least 2 cameras. And they really should be the same one so that the color and lighting are the same when it comes time to edit.

      If you are planning to film weddings, do not plan to do it with just one camera. It is a pain in the neck for you but there will be so much you will have to cut out due to camera movement. If you have the second camera in the back as a still shot, you can always cut to that one when you must readjust your handheld shot.

      Keep in mind. If you were the client would you really want to watch one camera angle jiggling around for 30 minutes or an hour?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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