VX2100 or AG-DVC30?

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      Hi all

      I have the opportunity to either get a VX2100 with a hard case and 15.5hr battery for about $2,000 or the AG-DVC30 with a 7.5hr battery. AG-MYA30g Mic Adaptor and Sennheiser ME66 shotgun mic for around $2,200. I have researched both and am pretty sure the Sony is a better camera but I am concerned with its built in mic and if I will get as good sound as I would with the shotgun on the Panasonic. I need a new camera to shoot short films and video quality as well as sound are very important.

      Which would you choose and why? any help is appreciated I have to make a choice quick

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      I use the VX2100 and I love it. I have two other camera’s that cant come close. The price is incredible!! (I’d check the numbers if you know what I mean) The mike has great pickup but, like all, has a limited range. I use it for up to 15 feet (personal preference) but usually switch to lavelier’s and use the switch on the VX2100. It works great. Good luck.

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      I am leaning more towards the VX21oo… most reviews have stated something like this one did….

      "When compared to the excellent Sony DCR-VX2100 in low light performance, the AG-DVC30 produced images that were darker, but it was just as sharp. The DCR-VX2100 however shoots much better in low light. The DCR-VX2100 is all around a better camcorder offering better manual control and better optics"

      DOes anyone feel different? and how difficult is it to add the XLR adaptor and better mic to the vx2100 since thats always a big concern

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      I’m still looking for input on which cam is better if anyone would like to add there opinion and thoughts….thanks

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      I have the AG-DVC30 and couldn’t be happier. It is a very versatile piece of equipment with an incredible Leica 16X lens. The optical image stabilization works flawlessly and the image quality will compare with anything else out there. The electronic viewfinder is color and very sharp and it has an LCD flip-out viewer that is larger than Sony’s.

      It has fewer readily-accessible user adjustments than the Sony — for example, you can’t have manual focus and manual zoom at the same time — but the zoom is so fast (full wide to full tele in one second) that I’ve never felt limited by that.

      The zoom has a progressive rocker switch that permits very slow travel — full wide to full tele in something over a minute, which is also available on aftermarket handle-mounted external zoom controls. There is a handy user-definable function to return the zoom to the previous setting at the touch of a button.

      The XLR adapter will produce either stereo or 2-track mono audio. My Panasonic condenser short shotgun mic works great and I’m sure a Sennheiser would work equally well.

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      Thanks all for all the info. I have successfully decided upon and recently purchased the AG-DVC30 with the xlr and Senn ME 66 mic. I will let you know how well it fairs as I start filming my short this week with it. I think I will be very happy and I once again thank everyone for all the great info they supplied me with in making this decision.


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