VX2100 light & Mic?

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      There appears to be only 1 accessory shoe – how do I attach an external light AND an external mic or two?

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      Duct Tape 😀

      But seriously, you might have to consider other options.

      The small light I have that has a shoe mount has a threaded base that you can mount on a tripod base. When I’m using a shoe mount microphone and I need to use that light, I just grab an extra tripod.

      Of course, to get the best lighting, a little camera light won’t cut it. You’ll want to get a nice lighting rig.

      What are you filming exactly?

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      Hi Jim! I will be shooting weddings and events! Im so excited!!!

      Compusolver, where do I get that extender? Which make and model #? How much is it?


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