VX2100 external lens filter size?

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      First, I know that I should probably place this question in the Sony Forum but no one ever reads, or responds there but I’ll try to make this a universal question so it will fit in this category.

      I have been looking around the net for a pack of lens filters (UV, Polarized, etc). For a Sony DCR VX2100 what is the size I need.
      I have been looking for specs on the camera but the Manual is no help and specs from the net are unclear.
      On the spec sheets I’ve found, it says "Filter Size = 58 inches". I know this looks kind of obvious, but I thought that might mean internal filter, etc. ND 1 + 2.

      Is 58 inches the size I should get for the VX2100?

      For the universal side of this post
      Are the sizes different on ALL camcorders by brand or by class.
      For example:
      Prosumer = 58" across the board
      Consumer = 30" across the board

      or does it really depend on the company and camera?


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      Hmmmm….. 58 inches sounds just a wee bit big for a filter.
      58 millimeters is the correct size for the VX2100.

      And there are many different sizes of filters, without regard for whether it’s a consumer or professional camcorder. Sometimes, a manufacturer tries to keep the same fiter size for as many models as possible. For example, Panasonic has many models that use a 43mm filter, but when they came out with the DVX100, the lens was SO much bigger, they had to go with a 72mm filter size.

      Happy filtering, X-D
      Ken Hull

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      Oops! Well you knew what I meant.

      58mm. That was what I was going for. 🙂

      Thanks for the info.


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