VX2100 – challenges beyond 40mins

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      After shooting 40-45mins footage with my VX2100, I experience sound cuts and video cuts. This has been going on for sometime now. What do I do?

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      Does this happen with all of your tapes?

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      Yes it does happen with all the tapes i use. Do cameras need periodic maintenance service?

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      While some units seem to thrive on NEVER having their heads cleaned, adjusted or the tape transport system aligned or replaced, MOST of the time some maintenance is a good idea.

      Sounds like you probably have a head clog, dirty or damaged heads, but the length of time before it shows up could simply be intermittent head clogs … especially if you are using a variety of different tape brands. It is suggested among the experienced that ONE brand only be used and stay with it except in emergency situations.

      Many advise against using tape head cleaner systems on a regular basis, but I personally run a head cleaning tape for about 10 to 15 seconds in each camera before going out on my next paying gig. Even that is no guarantee but it beats starting out with dirty heads or a minor clog and finding out mid-shoot. I also have my cameras professional services annually, and will run a liquid-based cleaner system through them about every 6 months.

      I use my cameras weekly, if not daily, and maintenance, plus a third backup unit, keeps me operational and in business. I will continue this approach until and when I move to tapeless HD units later this year. I will continue to service and maintain my Canon MiniDV tape units even then because this will be my second unit acquisition system and emergency backup.

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      I recomend hand cleaning as opposed to running a head eatin- head cleaner tape through it. I do keep one in my bag in, in the field in a poich I had to use it once. Because I havn’t made a practice out of the ole bessy is still workin. I do hand clean the heads twice a year tho.

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      Thanks so much for the advice. Unfortunately for me there are not enough dependable technicians for fixing camera issues in Ghana. You always run the risk of worsening your situation after visiting the technicians. How do I do the hand cleaning?

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