Vx2100 blocked tape c:31:98 error

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      I recently got brand new Sony VX2100E and already got a tape blocked in it
      .It throws a C:31:98 error and the eject icon is flashing fast on the lcd
      screen.Some times if i start the camera in VCR mode, with the AC adapter pluged in, it changes the error in

      I try already to take out the battery , disconnect the
      AC adaptor and leave it for hours, and nothing.Pushed the reset button
      and nothing.

      What can i do?

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      1) Are you putting the tape in right; ie, not backwards. Then, inserting the tape is a two stage process;when the tape is insidethe camera, push the metal frame in first, it snaps shut; then push in the outside cover. If youjust push the outside cover (which instinctively is what you may do if youhave not read the owner’s manual) the tape may not seat properly and this could give you an error message.

      2) Here is a link to the Service Manual for the “e” PAL version of this camera. You will pay, but it is probably less than the cost of shipping your cam in the the repair center even for a “free” warranty repair.


      Good Luck


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      I know how to use this camera, i have used a similar model for 1year at diffrent events.

      I’ll buy the service manual.Thanks ThomScratch, for you sugestions.

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      The c:31:98 is not documented in the service manual. 🙁

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      Service manual could come in handy later maybe, if you bought it.

      Per the owner’s manual, the “C” codes indicate you can service the camcorder yourself !!

      Looks like you have followed the book re self-service and got no Satisfaction. Could be a bum tape, but always risky to destroy a tape in order to remove from its station.

      May be time to take/ship it in. Don’t have much to add, except use this as an excuse to buy another camera (enough is never enough). Avoid middlemen and send dircectly to a Sony repair center or whoever is officially delegated to dothe warranty work.


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      I have sended the camera to a repair center and they removed the tape.

      Now another problem, it keeps me saying CLEANING CASETTE message when i try to record on a brand new tape. Inserted 6seconds in VCR PLAY mode a Cleanning casette DVM-4CLD but still no luck. I’m still getting the CLEANING CASETTE message.If i play the recorded tape (AY-DVM63PQ Panasonic) on another camera it runs smooth, i can see what i have recorded with Sony VX2100E.

      Is it better DVM-12CLD ?

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