VX2100 and HDR-SR11 – miniDV vs HDD

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      I want to buy a new camera and I have some doubts.
      The comparison is between VX2100 and HDR-SR11 – MiniDV or HDD camcorders.
      I know that is a big difference between them including the price, VX2100 is almost double as price.
      First question that comes in my mind is how reliable are the HDD camcorders?
      The estimated usage is about 3-5 hours/week in SD format. I think the obvious choice in this case is Sony VX2100.
      Best regards.

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      i’ve never been disappointed by my vx-2100. The other thing I like is my video is already backed up on tape and hard drive when i capture it.


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      But here’s the thing with a Hard Drive camcorder.

      If you are planning to do any editing of the video that you shoot, you must understand that the HDD camcorders record to MPEG with is extremely difficult to edit because of the special compression it uses.

      If you will be shooting to edit later (such as a wedding) you will definitely want to get the VX2100.

      VX2100 is a prosumer camcorder.
      HDR-SR11 – Honestly I don’t know anything about it, but I am assuming from your comments that it is just a consumer handycam.

      Big difference in quality.

      Good luck

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      I have a panasonic hard drive camera. I would not say it is extremely difficult to edit. I drop it onto the time line, by itself or with dv footage and can cut, copy, apply filter or transitions like any other format. I dont know what format the hrd-sr11 records in so I cant comment directly on it.

      Mine uses mpeg2 and the quality is less than dv. But the trade offs of turning it on and being able to record in 3 or 4 seconds and never having to worry about running out of tape or recording over something I wanted to save are worth it for what I record. If the sonly records in mpeg4 the quality would be improved over the older mpeg2 mine uses.

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