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      Hello All,

      Here is the deal, I have an vx2000, I mostly shoot weddings..I have a chance to buy a DSR250 and a DSR 200 both for $1500.00..

      I don’t know know any more about them other than specs I have been reading this morning. I am mostly concerned about quality matching on them with the 2000. Are they decent cameras? This seems like a very good price and the seller who lives very close to me will let me take them home for a test drive. Includes lenses,cases,batts etc…sounds like a fairly decent price if the quality is there?


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      Although I haven’t worked with the models you describe, I am familiar with Sony products in general. My experience has been that all Sony camcorders intercut quite well, especially when they have similar pick-ups. At worst, you may need to apply a filter in the NLE to perfectly match the camcorders. Which you generally need to do with any given trio of cameras. If you don’t have access to CCU’s & scopes to match images before the shoot, you just do it in post. Now I can tell you that a trio of Sonys will need less adjusting than three different brands of camcorders since I routinely do multicam productions with various camcorders. But i get good results from intercutting my VX2100 with a couple of consumer grade Sonys I also own. The only thing I haven’t tried is mixing types of pick-up chips, like CMOS video with CCD video.

      Besides, if you can get a test drive you’ll know if they mix well or not. And as a point of fact, your VX2000 is the lowest quality among the three if for no reason other than the DSR’s record in DVCAM. But that is just a theoretical distinction. I’m pretty sure you’ll find them all comparable. Your biggest problem will be lighting for the DSR’s. The VX2000 is known for its low light capacity, while the DSR’s are designed more as studio or ENG cameras and need more light for good video.

      Good luck with your future productions.

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      They should all match up nicely as long as your white balancing is correct.

      Justbe careful about the DSR 250…If it was manufactured between 2002-2004it may have a very seriousCCD issue…http://www.b4computers.com/FAQ/baddigitalcameras.htm

      Sony offered to fix the affected cameras free of charge between October 2005 – October 2007, so even if this camera was affected, there is a possibilitythat itcould have been repaired and works properly.



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