vx1000 audio weirdness…any gurus?

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      Hello Everyone,

      I had not used my VX1000 for a few months. Last night I recorded on it for about an hour. When playing it back from the camera the image was perfect, no drop-outs but the audio was choppy intermittently and occasionally sounded warbled at the same time the image is problem free.

      First. Now to try and isolate the problem. The button battery was died so I replaced it. The camera values returned on the back window but it had no effect on the audioI didnt expect it to but

      Second. I used a shotgun mike to bypass the camera mike. No improvement.

      Third. I plugged a headset into the camera to monitor the sound. The audio pass-through was perfect.

      Fourth. Now Im thinking heads. I used sonys mini dv head cleaning tape. No improvement.

      Fifth. I played the tape on a panasonic dv2000 deck. Same playback problem.

      Finally I was going to record a short clip of the audio and post it for you guys to hear AND HERE’S THE WEIRDNESS. The audio captured perfectly. WHAT?

      Sothe panasonic is connected via firewire to the pc and the clip is captured into premiere. As I am capturing the clip Im hearing the horrible audio. I play the clip back on the timeline and the audio is flawless.

      I know its almost Holloween but other than gremlins anyone have any ideas?

      FYI I used several new tapes. Fast forwarded and rewound them before recording. I have never used anything but sony tapes. The camera was in for cleaning about a year and a half ago. The camera has always been handled with kit gloves.

      Paul Bolden

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      You are not alone. I have the same problem — sometimes it fixes itself. I am not real sure what it is — sometimes I think it is the sound driver, sometiimes I thought it had to do with memory. Are you using premiere 6.5?

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      I am using premiere pro 1.5. Here are two more pieces of the puzzle.

      1) If I plug the camera into the pana dv2000 via firewire and record on that deck there is no audio problem when I play back the tape. so in theory if I was to use a disk recorder like FireStore I could work-around the problem albeit expensively.

      2) I mentioned that if I capture from the tape with premiere that the flawed audio is corrected but if I capture for 30 seconds or more premiere stops the capture with this error message the record has stopped because the audio format has changed in the media being captured.

      Paul Bolden

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      I had similar audio warbling too, right before the old cam stopped recording audio altogether. First it warbled and cut out at times, then it was no more!

      Sorry guys, you may have to let go of a great cam.

      I upgraded to “today’s VX1000”, the DVX100a.

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