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      Hi. I have a VX2100 and I havent used it for about 3 months… two days ago I pulled it out and shot a Video with no problem…. then yesturday I turned it on and its like you are shooting through sheer neon green panty hose or something.. πŸ™‚ if you shoot towards a light the screen turns almost all bright green… and I tried to record and it records the green. the only time it goes away is when I put the camcorder in the candlelight 0 Lux mode. I have a video project to do next month. is this something ill be able to fix myself, or will I have to take it to a repair Tech. there is no repair Tech. within 200 miles of me.. πŸ™
      Let me know if anybody has any ideas


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      Thanks for the info I will call him.. asap

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      Just happened tonight. Did they tell you what was wrong with it? Red CCD?

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      yes they did tell me what was wrong with it… there was a recall on the CCDs on certain vx2100s
      that were purchased a couple of years ago… if you go to the sony website and go into the service and support tab and you will need to give them the model and serial number of your camera…
      and they should e-mail you from there….

      it all went very good for me.. and they repaired it for free…

      i hope they are still doing that….
      Good Luck

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      For anyone reading this, there was a ‘recall’ on certain models. You only have til Oct 31st to send them in for repair. I think they have to be broken though.

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      To preface, I just bought my new VX-2100’s from B&H in May 2007.

      I just took a look at the SOny site mentioned above. It says cameras produced before March 2004. I figure that if I just bought the cameras new from B&H they would have been manuactured fairly recently.

      Does this sound accurate to everyone else?

      How would I find out when my camera was manufactured?

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