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      With my previous video editor, VideoWave 4,I could create separate libraries for each project I opened. This would group all my clips in a library specifically for that project. I could load selected libraries as required.

      With Video Studio 11, I seem to only have the choice of one library.

      If I create a new project,say Project1, and build up a library with various video clips and save it then close the project. If I open Project1 the library is still there. That’s OK.

      But now if I create a new project and call it Project2, I still have the same library as Project1. If I add clips to Project 2 this means the library will grow.

      If I now createfurther projects and add clips the library starts to get too big and messy.

      Is there a way to create separate libraries for each project?

      Am I missing something here?


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      It seems you are missing something

      When You are in the EDIT Tab (top left) Just below SHARE you will see a drop down box with the word VIDEO. Click the arrow and go toLibrary Manager. In Library Manager select NEW, name your new folder.

      To use the folder you have to CLOSE the Library Manager and then you will see your new folder has been aded to the drop down list. You can do the same for audio too.

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      Thanks BruceMol,
      Doh, too easy…

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