Volunteer Video Services for Hospice?

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      As any who read me here or elsewhere know I’ve developed and am promoting a worldwide video branding and marketing program called Video StoryTellers!. It is my “vision” that this program reaches beyond its commercial base, to providing much needed services for people who face the inevitable loss of family heritage, stories, memories such as those dealing with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of mental dementia, and Hospice families who have members facing the end-of-life experience.

      Initially I thought there might be a way to approach Hospice environments (at least where families or members just entered this awareness are not yet totally incapacitated) in a manner that didn’t seem inappropriate, that didn’t come across as a type of “ambulance chasing” and turn off not only Hospice organizations, but the families and people in general.

      With a few areas of exception I now do not believe such an approach exists. But I DO believe there is something to be considered regarding, for lack of a better description legacy, final farewell, or heritage messages, personal tributes. Whatever name might apply or have specific meaning.

      None but the most rare situation would call for a “death bed” recording (sounds awful, I know, but I’ve actually been asked to help preserve such events comes with the territory when providing funeral/memorial video services). So we’ll leave THAT situation out for the purposes of THIS “discussion” if any should occur.

      While I have EVERY reason to believe that Alzheimer’s disease families, especially those facing early-onset, would enthusiastically embrace opportunities to preserve, share and recount stories before they are forever lost, that too is subject for another “discussion”.

      So, I’ll get to the point:

      How can we as a community of generally sensitive, caring, compassionate video professionals not only commercially invested in this business, but also sensitive to special needs in our communities provide information and services for Hospice families?

      Part of my “vision” for Video StoryTellers!is to not only establish worldwide marketing and branding for the commercial aspect of preserving and sharing stories and memories, but to provide such services in some manner for those lives hit hardest by the loss of family stories and memories Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of mental dementia, as well as families who have members facing imminent death…

      …Hospice families.

      I believe that “vision” regarding Hospice services would best be gained by volunteering. If EVERY current and future VST associate, or even a group of Special VST Hospice Volunteer Videographers, donated one hour of his/her time a month, every two months, whatever, to freely provide story, testimony, memory preservation for Hospice families in their respective communities it would both serve a needed program and bode well for the brand and people who participate.

      Any comments?

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      I know someone who works as a volunteer coordinator at a hospice. I am not sure I understand what you are trying to do. Please explain. As a videographer, what can I do and how do I approach a hospice? What exactly would I be doing?

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      Thanks for responding, Perco.

      My objective is multifaceted, and the volunteer aspect of this is likely to take a life of its own. However, what I see happening is that eventually Video StoryTellers! will grow in name recognition becoming exclusively associated with the preservation and sharing of people’s stories and memories.

      That in turn will eventually make possible a worldwide group of independent professional video services providers (IPVSP) who could be contacted from time-to-time by persons in Hospice environments seeking assistance in preserving end-of-life messages or experiences for family members and loved ones.

      I intend to follow up with the “volunteer” aspect of this storytelling by utilizing Alzheimer’s disease focused and Hospice environment focused websites, news releases, direct-mail campaigns, public speaking engagements and more with the message that there is a huge community of IPVSPs willing to offer SOME services in this area of need as volunteers, without compensation.

      Initially videographers who might be interested in contributing a small portion of their production calendar time on any given basis monthly, quarterly, etc. might be encouraged to place their name on a “Hospice Community Service Video Volunteers” list at the above-mentioned and intended websites, operating under the auspices of Video StoryTellers! or even becoming part of THAT commercial operation as well. Either way, this list of video producers willing to contribute a small bit of their time each year would be made available to folks from Hospice environments seeking assistance.

      I hope I’ve explained better. Let me know if you have other questions, concerns or suggestions.


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      does that mean you have to produce a video about helpless families and post the to hospice, well more clearity needed


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      You provide services for families in hospice, where the Hospice organization has been informed about what services you’re offering.

      You respond when/if a family contacts inquiring, or requesting a videotaping session for a loved one.

      You provide them with a DVD of the session.

      You feel good about doing it. The family feels good about you (and the related program) doing it. The Hospice feels good about you doing it. Everybody’s pleased, repeat.

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