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      Help!! I’m pulling out what little hair I have left. When I set Premiere Pro 1.5 to record a voiceover, the meters only respond if I actually record. I can’t hear what is being recorded but it is recorded and I can play it back. So does anyone have any idea why I can’t get a meter reading without hitting play? And – why can’t I hear the recording as I make it. I think I have followed all the instructions – Audio hardware is set up correctly as is the on screen mixer. I am using the Behringer FCA202 ASIO audio interface.

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      Ey up mate,

      hope i am not too late with this reply.

      I too am having problems with my Audio (pc related i think) and have come accross an answer to yours while searching for mine.

      When you have the Audio Mixer open in Premier, you click the little Arrow in the Top Right corner to open a Box. IN the Box you will see a selection called "Meter Input(s) Only", it should be the second one fromt he bottom. This should then allow you to test the levels before you record.

      Here is a link to the Article http://www.tutorialized.com/tutorial/Record-a-voiceover/2697

      Hope this helps.


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      Jay, Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I still can’t get a meter reading until I hit record / play and I can’t hear any audio during recording, only when playing back. I get a meter reading during recording but not when recording is enabled. Just can’t figure it out


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