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      Hi all,

      what would be your best recommandation in terms of voice cancellation software ?
      I tried Audacity without success. Any other options ?

      Thnak you!


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      This is a difficult one and so much depends upon your source material.

      Programs/plugins that offer this functionality generally remove the middle of the stereo ‘picture’, where the vocal normally resides. Of course, bass and other solo instruments are normally placed here too in a standard music mix and therefore these can also be lost in the process. Some software adds a filter to process only the vocal EQ range but you will nearly always still have some of the original part remaining and some other element of the music missing.

      I’ve only used this feature (very occasionally) on pro-studio hardware so I’m afraid I couldn’t recommend any software to you and the only one I’m finding on Google that has any sort of recommendation is over $2000!

      Maybe someone else will chime in with a success story πŸ™‚

      Good luck


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      The problems isn’t the software – they physics of the thing is really simple – the variable factor is how it’d been recorded. As said, the cancellation is simply done by looking for things that are equal in level in both channels. This is normally the vocals (unless it’s a duet). One channel has it’s polarity reversed, then when the two are brought together to make a mono track, the common elements vanish. The problem is, most recordings have stereo reverb and effects on the central voice, so those don’t go, leaving you with a phantom reverby mess where the voice was – sounds rather ghost like. You’ll also lose any other instrument in the middle – so you may find the bass vanishes, as may some of the drums.

      So audacity, adobe audition, sony soundforge, steinberg wavelab all can do it – but how well depends on the material, not the software.

      The simple answer is that none of them do it well, but luck sometimes works in your favour!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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