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      I am looking into purchasing a microphone to use for doing voice overs. I am considering an inexpensive desk top setup.

      Here are links to the two mics i was consideing:

      My main interest in these mics are that they do not require a preamp and will plug directly into my computer. Does anyone have experiece with or know anything about these microphones? Are they any good? Any other advice or microphones to consider would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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      compuslver is right but all of his points can be corrected or avoided very easily. You will just need to isolate the sounds coming from you computer and you can always hang blankets or record in a small room to avoid any echos or other unwanted noises.

      Another thing is that if you have background sound going on in the piece you are recording your voiceover on, that will usually help mask some of the little things that you may pick up when recording. I have done many voiceovers for some football projects and I just record these in my edit bay which is not a very good spot but the fact that I always have crowd noise going on in the back ground makes all of those little flaws undetectable. Of course if I didn’t have the crowd noise you would most likely hear all of them. It more or less will come down to what you’re going to apply your voiceover on.

      Another thing to remember is that you will get what you pay for in most cases so if you go cheap on mics, don’t expect studio hi-fi quality.


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      Thanks for all the advice.

      I understand that you get what you pay for but right now I do not have the money to spend on a high end recording set up. The mic I am looking into is a condensor that costs $80 and connects with usb, which prvides the phantom power directly from the computer. It also has a 10 foot cable, so getting away from my computer to isolate the noise it produces should not be a problem.

      As for a room to record in, my computer is a lap top, and I can record in my walk in closet which is pretty free from outside noise and the hanging clothing reduces echos pretty well.

      Considering that I am going to school for video production, the work I do currently is more for practice than profit. With that said, i still want decent audio, and was mainly wondering what the quality of these microphones were. They are designed for podcasting and the reviews i have read spoke highly of them.

      Another thing I was wondering is if iI should be lookig for dynamic mics or condensors?

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      compusolver Wrote:

      If I were you, I’d be more concerned about what I was going to say, the first time my girlfriend comes in and finds me in a closed closet, talking to myself!! X-D

      Very funny X-D

      Sure recording in a closet may seem silly, but in my case it will work just fine.

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