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      I had this idea as I was replying to Bruce on something and it is growing in my mind.

      Would it be possible for the makers of videomaker to create a video upload website? I am not talking about something as grand as youtube or other sites, but a place that indie work would not be barred because of youtube’s over strict usage rights.

      Maybe a signup area that states that it is targeted at indie film makers, therefore it must be your own work, down to the music and even photos used, or you have the rights to use. I know youtube has similar, but they never believe you when you state that you do. At the TOS point out acceptable royalty free sites, and that if you produce your own simply state it in an email. Keep the email on file and away the video goes.

      But it would not be a place to upload the latest video of your brother feeding buggers to your cat or stuff like that, but real indie videos, docs, adverts, stuff like the people here do and own the rights to. And yes feature ads in the video to help producers. The ads could start out as ones for videomaker magazine then as the site grows more advertisers will come on board.

      The site would almost be like a release “studio” Example:

      The full length production in my head right now that I am going to start shooting in the next few weeks, would see its first release through that site, so the opening credits might read

      “Tasana Studios Presents” “A Videomaker.com Indie Release” “The Latest Movie”

      And then I would upload it. I would select the adverts I want displayed, (youtube has some very disturbing adverts) and it would be in my profile for all to watch, I get paid off the adverts as well as Videomaker. I can then release it to DVD and sell from my site and ebay.

      I am sure that many here would volunteer to help, many hands make light work. If the work load was spread out, it would not be so much on one person.

      So a worthwhile idea to look into?

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      I somehow agree. well, it could be like, videos are uploaded and discussed here. People can definitely critic and share their views about that uploaded video. Well, it still depends on the administrators. But I hope we could have one soon.

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      I like the idea, But an alternative would be a page on this site where it would be easy to embed a video from places like You Tube and others

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      add a crowdsource funding request button to the page to help us find finacers for projects would be an awesome reason to use your sharing page..

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      Jennifer O’Rourke

      Hi, guys, Jennifer from Videomaker here. We considered this in the past but haven’t looked back at the idea in a while.

      Adding crowdsourcing buttons and other funidng sources sources is also a good idea to add. I’ll put this our planning committee and see what they think of it, meanwhile, if you had your ideal site what would the features on a wishlist look like?

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      Hi Jennifer –

      Since you asked:

      1) While I don’t have a 15 minute YouTube cap many others do – I think 120 minutes or more is in order.

      2) The ability to let a person purchase a DVD with the work – Something like the Lulu model but with video. You could keep the prices reasonable (say $20 for your costs plus what the producer wants) by adding advertising.

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      Brilliant Birdcat.. if I was to release an indie film, I’d want to be able to get paid something for my efforts and a video channel with a difference is needed….

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      Gregory, I think your goal to produce a feature is a great idea and sharing it online is certainly a way to go. I am, however, puzzeled as to why the current hosting sites out there don’t work. Last I looked there were dozens of hosting sites with a widevariety of options, even some for revenue. While I have note posted original work on YouTube in excess of @ 1 hour, I would think that longer videos are possible as long as the file size fits. I have not encountered any rights issues so far. I am not sure what Videomaker has planned, however, I would think that establishing another hosting platform would not be economicly feasible. I can certainly see a links page devoted to Videomaker reader projects.

      I do see the challenges that “Indie Film” makers face in trying to get a distribution deal, if that is your real issue. Not to mention funding the production.

      If funding the production is not an issue, and all you want is a better hosting site, the option exists to set upyour own hosting site. I did that on Amazon Web Services.

      Whichever way you go, the challenge is attracting viewers. That is the main brick wall between the major studios and Indie producers, although there has never been a better time to find a crack in that wall. Just talk to the “Blair Witch” and “Paranormal Activity” guys.

      I have looked in the VM archives and maybe the subject of distributing video has been covered. If not, maybe the subject can be covered and/or updated.

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      With current hosting sites there is a plethora of issues,

      1) Youtube, Youtube plays the lord of copyright, regardless of what proof you have or even if the creators of a score landed in their lap if they say no it is NO. I have had enough of them, I have even had the creators of some music try to convince them. In their mind if 5 notes are played in the same manner as another price of work, then it is stolen. Youtube does not respect GPL either.

      2) Viemo has similar issues.

      I have traversed the sea of videohosting sites, two items are always at issue, prove you are the copyright holder or have right to, that is good, but when I do produce the proof believe me, don’t knock off my video, or kill the audio, or block in in some areas, because you call me a thief to protect yourself. Second is conditions, I have read the conditions for some of the better sites and they are too tough.

      But you may have missed the point of my suggestion..

      Get away from videosharing sites that feature a dog licking himself as the most viewed video, or that guy getting hit by a bus and landing on his feet. Youtube and Viemo are for the layman (no offense intended) In order to get good content there you need deep pockets or good lawyers. REAL work needs to be sat apart. This is real work


      and he had to post it on youtube, in the same area as lighting farts gets the most viewers.

      Second point, I am not after the largest viewing audience, but the best viewing audience. If a quality site is built, and only quality material is uploaded by self producers, even if they have the help of a label, then people will find it and they will come. Remember before you knew about youtube? It was still there. Then you found it along with others. remember Myspace Xanga, etc, will along came something of quality (at first) Facebook.

      Point is that youtube has gone into the crapper of junk and trash video. It gives the real videographers on here a bad name, (ah look at uncle Joe he is a director filming his (insert concept) for the first time, let’s set it to the soundtrack from Gong with the wind and post it on youtube, 3 minutes later 1 million hits. I am not out to destroy youtube, it has its place, but the people here and many others need a quality site.

      It is not about funding for projects, but gaining some advertising nods will not hurt.

      Also remember RKO, Desilu bought them out (funny that Lucy and Desi both got their start with RKO and were both fired from RKO). Well RKO did EVERYTHING in house, even the actors were employees. Over time that change to what we have today, TOO many hands in the pie. I look back with a warm heart to the style of RKO.

      VM can be the new RKO, in a way. All of us indie videomakers submit what work we want to, provide the proper paperwork, and VM “distributes” it, tosses some adverts on it. No Paramount, no Warner.

      I could go into graver detail, and in fact over the next week I will lay out my entire plan then post it. But I have to disagree, we need a QUALITY video hosting site.

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      youtube also does not payout on their ads as advertised… I discovered firsthand. Not only did they never pay me a cent for a viral video with adsense ads, but after I started complaining about it, I got locked out of my account and there’s no way to reset the password.

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      I think it is a good idea for VM to do this, and I really believe it is a natural step as this community evolves. Granted, our dues would probably have to go up a touch to pay for the extra band width but I think it would be worth it. We would probably have to have a approval committee so that lighting farts and such would not be allowed on the site. We could have a multitude of channels for different types of videos, from horror to original music vids. I know we have talent here but getting discovered is near impossible.

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      Gregory, thanks for clarifying your issues. I can definitely see your point in establishing a standard for quality, whatever that ends up being, and maintaining that standard for the “network” or “studio” as you refer to it. Consistency is definitely a component for building a business. Whoever ends up tackling this project would be applauded by the community. In the meantime, as Larry Rizzutti mentioned and as evidenced by your link to “The Jump”, VM offers an excellent platform for embedding videoswhich draws views and comments. Perhaps a “VM Film Festival” forum category can get things started. With this forum, the facebook page and other media, quite a community can be built. While all the goals will not be met, it looks like an almost no cost “studio” can be set up either as part of VM or independently. I have to reference FilmRiot as an example of a solid internet based film maker program that has established quite a viewer communitywith support from commercial sponsors that does not detract from the quality of the program. http://www.youtube.com/user/filmriot

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      I am familiar with Filmriot, and thank you for pointing them out. I have competed against their work from Zoopa and they do some good quality work and keep it related to what they do.

      Later I will lay out in detail what is in my mind about the VM Network (VMN). And post it. It may take a few days, but it will be next to free, all the monies generated from adverts. I do not see it as a source of funding projects, VM should not be the one to fund video’s that source should be left up to the producers. But VM has the connections and resources to get good quality material out there.

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      Great ideas here. It also would be possible to use Amazon S3/Cloudfront to host and serve the videos, saving VM the bandwidth and hosting issues. I’ve been starting to use that service and my cost is measured in pennies/month.

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