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      Hello all.

      Several days ago, I posted a thread way down in the "New Videomaker Community" channel inquiring on why there’s no longer a "Video For Worship" forum on the site. (Here’s the link: [img]http://www.videomaker.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5415[/img])

      Now, it’s received about 90 views thus far, but nobody’s chimed in with their input. So I’m hoping that maybe, by putting this up here, Fulton, Burkhart, or one of the other VM staff might see this and let me know what happened to the forum and why.

      Now, I know it wasn’t the most active forum, but c’mon, it was still way more active than some of the forums that are still here. For example, the Hitachi Camcorder forum, the (never posted to) Ulead Video DVD authoring forum, or even for that matter, the very forum I original posted this query into are all virtually inactive. But I remember at least once a week popping into the Worship forum, and seeing a good number of new questions.

      Here’s my whole beef with the situation. Churches are one of the big birthplaces for lovers of video. Most folks who want to get into video, but can’t edge their way into real TV studios will find themselves running cameras in a church somewhere, or editing church videos. Plus, there are so many special situations for video in church (low/poor lighting, limited resources, audio issues) that it’s only natural for worship videographers to have questions or need a place to get help.

      Maybe this is just a soft spot for me because I spent a lot of my life running video for worship services. Working at a church when I was 15 was how I got my "in" that led to working for a TV studio, that led to me going independent, that led to me being able to do what I love, video, every day of my life. What does everyone else think? Does anyone here remember this forum when it was on the site? Good thoughts? Bad thoughts?

      Honestly, just knowing why the forum was removed would help me immensely. Maybe someone was worried about offending the non-religious visitors to the site? If so, then why not make it the "Video for worship & non-profit" forum, so that everyone can participate?

      I met too many good people through that forum to let go of this easily. Plus, like I said, I’m paying for two people to attend the East Summit and renewing my subscription this month to VM (maybe…) That’s almost one full wedding video to pay for all that, right there. I aught to at least get an explaination for that. πŸ™‚


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      Interesting points OAR.

      I take a look at the worship posts wherever they show up. Im recalling issues like what equipment to acquire to upgrade the AV dept; and questions about switchers, armadas of monitors and many matters relating to live broadcast. These are all relevant to the VM forum and these posts will continue to show up, wherever.

      There is no question that houses of worship have huge budgets for AV, focus being to communicate The Message in the most persuasive, sophisticated, palpitatingly immediate (yes even hip) methodologies that are available. I recently left my neighborhood to attend a service in San Diego. I spoke in front of the congregation, so I have some sense that the church could hold 500-600 people (easily) seated. The AV board at the back of the church, feeding the delivery systems surrounding the congregation, rivaled boards I have seen in sophisticated recording studios and many larger clubs/entertainment venues. The only churches that dont have money are the ones that try to hire me to fix an AV problem.

      Id be interested in why VM pulled the plug. In itself, the subject is technical and secular, not promoting the message or giving message content. Perhaps some posts crossed the line into the message area, and this might have been viewed as a sensitive thing that could upset some, due to (probably unintentional) proselytizing. In all other areas, proselytizing is OK as posters inadvertently or otherwise throw in tidbits about weddings, aviation, motor cycle racing, Moms birthday, etc. Thats what we are about, capturing real and contrived special moments for clients and posterity; but the worship message is a bit off limits; has its place, and there is PTL no shortage, just not here.

      Speaking of secular, I have a cuz now retired who was principal writer/director for one of the major TV Network soaps many years ago. I have never seen a more devout Catholic. He was fired by the TV Network in an arbitrary manner. (Those young turks were lurking about and he was too old, about 40.) He had to sell cars (his own), homes (his own) and ended up teaching for a while at a small liberal arts college to put food on his table. Eventually though, he became a senior producer for CBN (thats Christian Broadcasting Network/Pat Roberts). Being a seriously practicing Catholic, he was not interested in CBNs Message and all they cared about was his amazing technical ability to deliver professional programming to their audience. Thats the way it should be.

      With all those high end AV systems and those amazing AV budgets in the worship field, I would be surprised if there are not other cyber forums humming out there specializing in this subject at this very instant. I would also be surprised if there is not a trade journal (or two or three) dedicated to this subject, with a title like, Enlightenment Video or HOW Video Today (HOW/Houses of Worship). If this doesnt exist, someone will make it happen. Interested?

      REGARDS TOM 8)

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