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      In the latest issue of Videomaker, there was an article about shooting real estate videos. Has anyone gotten into this area of video?

      I found it very intriguing. My entire family is in real estate. This may be something I might delve into.

      What kind of pricing/Shots/narration.



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      A few admittedly half-hearted attempts were a disappointment for me and then I got otherwise busy in several other areas that I enjoyed more so I never looked back. But I might absorb the article and see if something rings a bell for me, or the local real estate market, and take another look.

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      In my opinion, this could be a great way to make some nice cash and finesse your camera work. With everyone accustom to web videos now, and the economical need for an increase in home sales, this looks to be a great opportunity to learn how to shoot with the intention to just make things look good.

      I think to really make it work though, a crane is essential. There are some on B&H that are surprisingly affordable. Tripods are fine, but a crane creates an epic feeling I think. Gotta remember, your goal isn’t to create a video to sell a house, it’s to sell a emotion. The customer should want to buy an emotion or experience. That’s marketing.

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      Putting a dolly on that setup is also a winner.

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      There is a website – welcomemat.com – that is dedicated to RE video.

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      I paid for my camera gear with RE videos.

      the realtor and I

      Once the Realtor and I established a good workflow, I averaged a pretty good wage. She eventually started doing them in house (all the HD ones are my work) as she had a Realtor that had gone to film school. I think he basically learned a bit of my work flow, then took over. Plus the real estate crash hit … But the work was nice (good folks to work with) and gave me working capitol for a few short local TV ads

      As long as I would get 5 jobs a week, and preferably 3-3 on the same day, I charged only $50 a piece.With an all digital workflow. I averaged an hour of work (including shooting, but the Realtor has to have their act down for this) total per video. I offer the same at $75 per at 3 per week minimum, local locations only.

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      It has been tricky selling my professional video service’s in Green Bay and the surrounding areas.

      One of my favorite videos

      The business is a practice and a continuous learning experience.

      Online distribution

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      Have 452 self made videos for real estate, local community events and they deliver using the eyes and the ears.
      Instead of a slide show of the same images you already made the buyer sit through, strap them in to the jeep, get them to the property, show them the area events. They are watching during a two hour flight delay at an airport many time zones away on their droid, laptop. The biggest critic of real estate videos are not using them. Only one percent of REALTORS use real full motion 30 frames per second video in their marketing. We embed them on our website, use them in emails, blog posts.

      Video is huge, quick, more memorable with natural sounds, the broker at the property showing the flow, how it all connects. Audio is 40% of the video experience for the on line view many time zones away, not in our local zip codes. Show and tell them about the area, not just the sticks and bricks.

      Images alone do not do that. Talk to the buyer on line like you and I are talking during the daily special down at the local diner. Low key, quick and easy. Not trying to be a 40 million dollar Hollywood production on a $35,900 farm with weary home and 50 acres of land.

      Cover local community events, not just the sticks and bricks too! IBU World Cup Biathlon In Northern Maine last weekend, this weekend in another Aroostook County venue in Fort Kent. This is last week’s Presque Isle Maine IBU World Cup Pursuit Event glimpse.

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      Yes, I’ve done Real Estate videos before. There is only one client type who is tighter with a penny than Realty agents – lawyers. This means get paid up front – no exceptions.

      I quit because the agents were never satisfied. For example, “You can’t see the view out of the windows” (I could but the interior would be really dark) or the video didn’t show *them* more, as if this is an ad for them, not the property. But mostly because when I amortized all of my time, mileage and other expenses, I was actually making minimum-wage or less.

      I still have a couple of receivables from Realty agents from last year.

Viewing 9 reply threads
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