VIXIA HFG10 Double Slot Recording

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      I am gearing up to film a wedding (approx. 8 hrs. of festivities). I am using the VIXIA HFG10. The last event, I made use of the double slot recording.

      Are memory cards really that unreliable where I need depend on double slot recording?

      Can I chance it with one card, relay memory or even using the internal memory?

      Anyone ever had any issues?

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      I have only had two card failures, right from the days of Smart Media, Compact Media, and now Secure Digital (SD), a few dozen cards. The most recent failure was a Panasonic SD HC Class 4, 4GBcard that I purchased a year or so ago for use in my DSLR camera. (stills only)

      I have used hundreds of mini DV tapes and never had a tape failure.

      So based on my experience so far,admittedly not all in video, memory cardsare more fragile than tape.

      I recently purchased a Canon XA10 and so far have only used the internal memory, but I intend to purchase a couple of Sandiskextreme 32GB cards and use double slot recording, in time for my next event job as you don’t get a second chance.

      I think second best will be the internal memory as it is less likely to suffer handling damage from static etc. The four hours memory you will have available in your HGF10 should be plenty for a wedding. You will no doubt also have a B roll camera.


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      Yeah, I was thinking about giving the internal memory a shot, just wasn’t sure if there were any precautions with using it.

      Those 32GB cards can be costly!

      I have 2 more days to make a decision…lol

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      Just make sure you download a good workable copy, and make a second backup of the files on another hard drive or pen drive before erasing the copy in the camera.

      Using solid state memory is certainly quicker than tape capture and allows for better picture quality, but there was a sort of comfort in being able to throw the original tape in a drawer with theknowledgethat it would be available if you ever needed it again.


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      I have been shooting on memory card based cameras for 3 years now and the only time i had a memory problem was when I shut of the camera while playing back footage and hit a couple of wrong buttons. That lost the footage for me. Other than that time I have had 0 (zero) problems with memory based recording. Just remember to upload your footage into the computer asap, and then back up the footage to an external hard drive. I then wipe the cards in camera so they are ready to go again.

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      Looks like I’ll try the 32gb double slot recording. I think there will be comfort knowing there is a backup πŸ™‚

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      Ihave also been pursuing the XA10 double slot recording issue.

      Reliable simultaneous recording with redundency.

      The new Scandisk Extreme and Extreme Pro SDHC/XC UI 45/95Mb/s Class 10 cards are the way to go.SDHC UI 45/95Mb/s class 10up to 32GB to get the the Ultra High Speed HD capabilitiesits the max for FAT32 but limited to 1.9Gb continuous recording file sizes.If you want 64Gb plusat UI speeds then the EXFAT SDXC UI 95mb/s(only)cards are the way to go. They give you the Ultra High Speed HD capabilities and continuous recorded file sizes of 2Gb plus.

      The 32Gb Extreme 45Mb/s SDHC UI,s theseI have benchmarked using ATTO Bench 32(its free)show sustained read and write speeds of43+ Mb/s. A standard SDHC Class 10 writes at btwn 10 – 14 Mb/s so if a card is Class 10 and 64Gb it is limited by FAT32 to a minimum of 10 Mb/s R/W, this is the min standard expected by the SD Standards Association see

      Have had the 32Gb Extreme 45Mb/s SDHC UI on special for AUS $40-$45 plus shipping. See link below 4 down

      Some advice for after card purchase. Run HDD Regenerator on then to check for sector faults or Delays!!

      Then Bench test the cards using a program like ATTO Bench32 to see they do the speeds they say they will

      Some advice for EXFAT.

      Do not Format or Initialize using any card reader and OS. Use the camera to do this. I have had no joy trying to have my camera re initialize a set of SDXC 64Gb UI Class 10 cards ruined this way. You can use the cardreaders to transfer data but make certain you have the correct fixes etc. If you don’t the system will ask you to format the card as it won’t be recognized. Cancel that if it happens.

      Larry’s advice is spot on

      Do not loose power to your camerawhile on mains and accessing the memory or recording even worse. Have a battery on chargingso accidental disconnection doesn’t happen . Do not accidentally remove or dislodge your battery while accesssing the memory especially if recording. At this stage it appears to cause irreparable file structure damage to SDXC EXFAT file systems. I haven’t been able to recover mine enough to have the camera recognize and initialize them. Oh they were the Patriot 64Gb Class 10 UI’s an expensive mistake. I couldn’t recover the data either. If anyone can help me on that one I would appreciate it. I have a possible RMA from patriot in the pipeline

      To all XA10 owners, checkout and registerif you haven’t already.The XA10 Professional Camera forum see link

      I hope this will help



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