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      Does anyone have any experience with Canon 24p mode on there vixia line of camcorders? Why does the manual read that it records 24p (at 60i)? So does it record at 24p or 60i? When I edit my files in Sony Vegas Pro should I set my properties at 30 fps or 24?

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      it’s probably adding a 3:2 pulldown pattern to make 24 frames fill 29.97fps.

      This allows you to handle the footage as regular ol’ 29.97, but it maintains that 24p look.

      so when you’re editing, treat the footage as 29.97

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      You are correct. The Canon HV40 shoots 24P natively, in previous models it was an emulation (Pull Down).

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      Oh! I get it, that makes sense. Thanks for demystifying that for me.

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      Thanks for the info! That was helpful to me as well.

      I’m having trouble redering my video without a drastic loss in quality.I also shot in 24p (Canon Vixia HF R100, low end HD). I initially shot in 60i and tried to pulldown to 24p but lost so much quality during the render that I thought I would just shoot in 24p. But I’m still experiencing the same drastic loss in quality during rendering. I’ve tried changing filename format, bit rate, pulldown… some with better results, but all still with a big loss of quality.

      Right now I’d be happy to see it on my computer; not even talking about saving for DVD. Any tips?

      I’m using Sony Vegas Home Studio Platinum 10.

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