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      Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you can help me out. I am about to start my final semester in college and get an associates in Television and Video Production. I am not bad at what I do, I do have two awards under my belt, and really nice resume. I was a student teacher at a local High School, teaching advanced Television skills such as chroma key and some advanced editing. I enjoy the work I have done and the little bit of freelancing I have been able to do. But my true passion lies withing Digital effects, However After I get my Degree in television I want to go to school for VFX, and I am having trouble deciding what school to go to. I could go to the local Tech school for 3d animation, but I think i want something a little more involved and geared toward VFX. So I looked in to Vancouver Film School and it seems amazing but a little out of my budget. I looked at Art Institute of Phoenix and its more along my price range but I don’t know If its what I am looking for. I know for a fact that I do not want to go to Full Sail because I hear the job placement is less than par. So my question to you is what are some good schools to go to. I am not really looking for a traditional college like UCLA but at this point, I am worried more about my education and not type of school. I am open to all suggestions, I would honestly prefer something in or around the Midwest because it is close to home, but like I said right now the education is more important than the location. Thank you all for your time and help, sorry this was a bit long, but I feel its easier to help me if you know a little about me.

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      “I looked at Art Institute of Phoenix and its more along my price range but I don’t know If its what I am looking for.”

      I go to the Art Institute of Philadelphia and some of the Animation and FX kids areoutrageously amazing at what they do. So maybe an Art Institute near you would be good too, but of course check out the program. Some Art Institute are better for certain things than other Art Institutes.

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      I just looked into the Art Institutes and the only school that offers VFX for Film and Television is The art institute of Vancouver. I looked into it and it sounded like a promising program, however if I am going to leave the country for school I would go with Vancouver Film School, because of its reputation, and job placement statistics. Any other advice would be much appreciated.

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      You should checkif the Vancouver Film Schoolhasprograms where youcan take classes at the Art Instituteof Vancouver?Sometimes schoolsnear each otherdothatwhichseemslikethe bestofboth worlds for you?

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      The best college I ever found was my local community college.Aims Community College in Greeley, Coloradois cheap and I LOVED my two classes in Newtek Lightwave 3D and AdobeAfter Effects/Photoshop.

      There are also some classes in Autodesk Maya and Combustion, classes in Adobe Photoshop and Flash, not to mention advanced classes for Photoshop, Flash, Maya and Lightwave. I paid for all my classes myselfwitha little money i made working in construction and fast food.

      before you start college, you should take a look at some websites and mess around with free trials of some software., the Adobe TV website, are some REALLY GOOD ones. Also there are really good tutorialsI found once that show what Lightwave can do.

      The software I’ve heard of (and used in some cases) is

      Autodesk: 3Ds Max, Maya, Combustion;

      Newtek: Lightwave 3D;

      Adobe: After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator;

      Maxxon: Cinema 4D;

      and someinternet freeware: Blender 3D, Anim8or, Art of Illusion, 3D Canvas, Wings 3D, POV-Ray.

      I found that your collegeexperience and study is DEFINITELY better off if you study a little beforehand.

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      I already know After Effects fairly well, and I have been looking into blender. I want to start learning Maya but its a little out of my price range at the moment. I have done my “homework” I know what programs are out there and what people as well as business have so say about them. I am just looking for a school that is going to fiit my needs. and A Community College is not a bad option. But I am looking for something a little more geared towards VFX in Film and Video.

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      there is a version of Maya called Maya PLE (Personal Learning Edition). This is not for commercial use, but it can teach you maya. I use free trials and freeware to learn techniques, then put on my website that I know the software. I then make sure employers know I don’t actually have a copy of the programs and i’ve only gotten jobs where thecompany had the softwrae already.

      Good luck. If you learn Blender or other 3d software,and make a short movie (5 min or less) with a character and storyline, you can get a job at pixar. i saw an add for them at and that’s all you needed to have. I found I learn more on the job, and going to a big school doesn’t neccesarily mean that you get a job afterwards. for the pixar contact info, ask for it.

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      >>If you learn Blender or other 3d software,and make a short movie (5 min or less) with a character and storyline, you can get a job at pixar.<<

      Just make sure it is a phenomenal demo. PIXAR like ILM and other large companies has gotten to a point that they tend to hire experienced pros away from their competitors instead of hiring beginners.

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      Regarding combining After Effects with a 3d package. At the moment Adobe has an alliance with Maxon the makers of Cinema 4D. As a result both companies have built features into their respective software to make them work better together. You can basically export 3d cameras and positional information from C4D into AfterEffects and use it in the AE composition. In television VFX I believe the two main 3D programs are C4D and Lightwave.

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      If I had the money I would love to study VFX in Vancouver, in either VFS or VanArts.

      I found another interesting option here you study inside
      a VFX house and this way you can see how they make real projects.

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