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      CAMERADO, a US-founded producer of compelling entertainment and
      edutainment media with projects ongoing in the US and Asia, is seeking

      virtual volunteer researchers and a virtual volunteer manager for a variety of ongoing media projects in SE Asia.

      Projects include ‘Freedom Deal’, a Vietnam war era social issue dramatic
      feature with horror & genre elements; several documentary projects
      in development; CamboFest, Cambodia’s first international film festival
      since the end of the Khmer Rouge era, and others.

      Virtual volunteer duties would include:

      * Researching leads for funding, and distribution

      * Creating graphics and design as needed within capacity

      * Updating on crowdfunding and wordpress pages and websites, as needed

      * Outreach and contact to persons of interest for funding and other purposes

      * Sourcing, interacting, and strategizing with the team

      Virtual project manager duties would include:

      * Project managing one or several media projects

      * Devising and creating milestones

      * Assigning tasks as needed to other virtual volunteers

      * Devising ways to autonomously monetize projects or funding sources to eventual compensation stipends for team members, and possibly, paid positions


      * Film and Media experience useful but not absolutely necessary

      * Virtual volunteers: 5-10 hours commitment per week, preferable with a 3 month minimum commitment

      * (Project managers: please contact to discuss further)

      Virtual staffers will work with existing virtual staff with a high
      degree of autonomy and creative input while assisting from any location
      via and Skype.

      Great opportunity for persons with an interest in Asian and Southeast Asia issues and media!

      Primary Contact: Jason Rosette


      Skype: kingcamerado

      Secondary Contact: Kami Lennox


      Skype: kamknyom


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