Virginia Tech Prevention Documentary

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      I am a high school student, and I am working around the country with film makers to make a film that will talk to the kid on the edge and bring them back.

      Please let me know what you think, and if you can help.

      I did not start this, it was started by the webmaster at the forums.

      I am only one contributer out of many others nationwide.

      Please help.

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      I like this one. I was drawn in by the subject matter, and I felt it was definitely a worthwhile project for people to get involved in. From a content perspective, it would be compelling to add some of the pain that has been felt by victims. It feels like that’s what is missing. In other words, get some footage of people who have suffered a loss to bring home both sides of this topic.

      I like this.

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      Really cool. I liked the dolly shots when the students are running. Great idea, I would love to help, but I’ve kinda busy finishing up the school year.

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      Here’s an update, focusing more on the opinions of a student, teacher, and counselor.

      Please comment!

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      I am really digging what you have going on so far. I have some constructive criticism for you. Some of the titles are not displayed long enough to read. I REALLY like how you did the scene in the school with the kids running; it brings reality to the video. During the ‘blame game’ comment you panned to a Matrix scene, it might be more beneficial to capture some violent video game play, perhaps from Gears of War or Fear. I could provide the captured video game content from Gears of War if you want. Maybe a little more emotion on the mock shooter’s face? I like the transition into his eye. Music selection is GREAT! Although sometimes statistics don’t tell us much, it would be interesting to have some stats in the video: school shootings, school killings, bullied students, etc. You could even see if you could get ahold of some of the news footage. The video seems a bit more like a ‘make a difference video’ than a documentary. I still like it either way though.

      Those are just my thoughts while I watched the vid the first time.

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      Thanks for the comments! For the final product, I will find some better B-Roll. My friend got me a VHS of 2 hours of Gears of War for a different school project – there’s some great violent footage I can get from there. The shooter is gone to college, so I cannot reshoot that. I will also look around for statistics for sure. Which titles are not displayed long enough? I would like to get that part touched up too. Thanks a lot for the criticism, and keep it coming!

      Please join us at

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      Finally, it is finished. Thanks to everyone for their comments.

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