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      I know nothing about Film Production but recently aquired a bunch of Video Editing equipment and not sure if it has a resale value or if I am better off scrapping the items. The biggest item is A Sony BVH 2000 with many accessories, cords and such. Is this stuff way to out of date?

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      Way outdated, but a quick search on eBay shows that there are a few units up for sale. You might want to follow those auctions to see if they sell before posting yours.

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      A BVH-2000 in good condition is a great recorder if you have very deep pockets and have the skills and equipment to keep running. It is still, even if perfect, not capable of even DV quality, and is composite only. What would you actually do with it? You need at least 3 and a controller and mixer to do even a simple edit with a dissolve! Head wear means constant maintenance and spare parts are amazingly expensive. As a curiosity, then why not if you have space – but you can compare 35 year old technology. Remember that back when these were being used, home video machines wee only just emerging and not ever home had one. Also put up loads of low shelves – a full reel of tape weighs more than the current guidelines for lifting safely!

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      Thank you for your replys, I guess I will hold on to the stuff for awhile and see what happens. I believe I have all of the things you mentioned plus about 20 monitors and 300 pounds of cords, I just have no clue how to hook it all up to test it.

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      I look back on the tools we had to keep the old rotary head machines going – micrometers to tell us when the heads were really worn, the constant cleaning, the scopes with the handy card giving test point values to save digging out the manuals when aligning them.

      Realistically connection should be fairly simple – video out to video in on a monitor – most of the other connectors are for external syncs and TBC connection. If you have any old tapes, just lace one up and see if they play.

      They’re the sort of thing that technology has largely replaced, but enthusiasts would buy them, IF you can make them work. On ebay – a picture of the machine working with solid picture on a monitor will generally make a sale – although shipping costs are criminal. It can be heartbreaking to scrap kit like this, but if you don’t need it, and can’t sell it – then you’d probably get more for the cabling on ebay than the recorder!

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      Here is a link to a video of one in operation.

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