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      I want to get a 1970’s era EIAJ tape converted to a modern format. Initially I just want to view the original as-is, but at some point I may want to edit it to include titles.

      The conversion sources I’ve found offer conversion to uncompressed avi on a hard drive, minidv tape, or DVD disc. Is there any advantage to getting it converted to one format over the other?

      Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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      It probably isn’t a quality issue. If you have a DV camera or tape player that you can play a minidv tape in then I would go for that option as it will be easier to capture if you want to edit it later. If you only want to have a look at it the DVD will be fine, but on DVD it is a bit harder to do anything with later. The other thing is that if you have it on tape you canprobably make a DVD copy yourself.

      Cheers Ian

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      Tape or uncompressed AVI are the ticket. If it’s on DVD, most likely it will be MPEG2 which is not bad but it will be compressed unlike the recording on tape or the AVI.

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