Viewers say videos choppy/slow/halt

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I've posted videos to a number of hosting sites. When I view the videos from ALL the sites, they play perfectly. However, in an informal poll, everyone who attempts to view the videos says that they play poorly in some fashion. Either they stop, go very slowly, play only the audio, etc. Since I cannot duplicate the problem from my location, it's tough to troubleshoot. I'm happy to try different output formats (I'm using PremierePro CS4) but I can't even validate that they work or don't work properly.

I would appreciate some experienced looks at this video in particular. I can only assume that my other videos suffer from the same problem, but I can't confirm. Here are the links to the same video on several hosts. My questions are:

- do the videos play properly?

- what formats/settings should I be using for best results? (not necessarliy video quality, but compatibility)

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the youtube clip played fine

I waited for the dailymotion clip to load but gave up pretty quickly.

the yahoo video was too clunky to hang with. They usually are.

I don't do myspace videos.

The veoh clip loaded too slow and has too many distracting, possibly offensive side clips to offer a link to clients.

viddler was too slow to hang with

the semantic clip was terrible too. tried to play immediatly but kept buffering.

in short, stick with youtube or vimeo. Use a regular ole QT or wmv to upload. No need to use more than 500kbs, in my opinion.

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All but two looked good here. The Viddler was the worst with frequent choppiness, and the Semantic was not as bad, but quite choppy. I also noticed that neither of these two sites were streaming the video, just serving it from the site.

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Yahoo! never loaded (well, I waited 30 seconds, that's long enough). Youtube played fine. (I have a cable modem but not the fasted connection for sure.) Stick with Youtube? Or, if you're loading on Yahoo!, try a smaller file setting (sacrifice quality for speed). Good luck.

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All of the videos played fine for me EXCEPT Viddler (Very low frame rate) and Semantic (never loaded), on a 25MBs FiOS connection (which most "typical" users don't have)

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Also - don't encode in stereo. It consumes more bandwidth than it's worth.