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      I have footage of one event shot from four different angles. I want to view/show all four clips simultaneously and burn that to a DVD. Can someone please recommend software that would be easiest to use for this?Windows PC is that matters.

      thanks in advance!

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      Corel VideoStudio 12 allows 7 (1 main and 6 overlay) video tracks. It’s pretty easy to use and can be had for around $70.

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      Check out Cyberlink’s PowerDirector 7 software. If you’re not looking to burn Blue-ray discs or import AVC-HD content, I’d choose the deluxe version. For something that is marked as consumer software, it is very rich in features with a fairly moderate price. That’s why I use it. With this editing software, you can have a master video track with 6 additional PiP (Picture-in-Picture) objects.

      Deluxe – $70

      Ultra – $120

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      Do you want to be able to edit while viewing the 4 different angles simultaneously?


      Do you just want to create a video where you can see all 4 angles at the same time throughout the entire video?

      If it is the 1st answer. You will probably need a profesional NLE like Sony Vegas or Adobe CS3 which both have multi angle editing capabilities.

      If it is the 2nd answer. All you need is an NLE that has at least 4 timelines available (such as Adobe Premier Element or Sony’s consumer software). Place the videos on their own timelines, stacked on top of each other,and just resize each clip to fit in the 4 quadrants on the screen. Then just render the video.

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      You can do picture in picture with most softwares and that would work.

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