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      This users forum is dedicated to videographers who have their own websites or wish for and intend to get one. Possible topics for exciting, enlighteningand instructive discussions may include:

      Advantages (pros and cons) of owning and hostingyour own website

      Difficulties encountered in acquiring andmaintaining one’s own website

      Help (recommendations) with obtaining a domain name anda professional hosting service

      Referrals to website self-creation programs or inexpensive website designers, website creators and webmasters

      Compessing (convering) video files in order to upload them to your website

      Using bulletin boards and forums on your website

      Linking up with other videowebsites forpurposes of establishing a national association and network of video providers

      Creating and establishing a Videowebsite User Group in your state or local community for whatever purpose you intend

      Benefits of networking with other videographers on a national or international level

      Expanding your horizons and going after the lucrative real estate video market

      Exploring and expounding upon your own interests in the video market (host discussion groupson your own site)

      Advertising and promoting your own video services

      Advantages of joining a videowebsite User Group for the purpose of advancing your own interests

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      WOW! There is so much info to accomplish all the above, I don’t think the server could handle it. 😉

      I have been hammering away for about 8 months and still have about 2% digested. Here’s my site that started as a way for broadcasters to screen footage to buy.

      Some of my footage has been used on the major networks, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and a ton of reality shows. The hardest part of keeping the web site going is keeping it fresh with new content. I have hundreds of hours of resource material, but to make the web site visible to the world, you need to develop written content that is to the point and has enough wording to enable search engines to point to your site. The better you do this, the higher you are on the search results. search: Northern California Video Production

      One of my productiuons was on the F-22 Raptor. ( search: F-22 Raptor video )When people search for a video of it, I ussually rank within the top 5 of a Google search. I get between 150 and 600 hits a day just on that one video. The site is getting enough traffic to enable basic Google advertising. Thismore thanpays for the site expenses. I manage all the video and still content, but my webmaster keeps all the nuts and bolts tight.

      It’s not an easy task if you are serious about starting up a new site. Get a web master that is local and save a lot of time in communication delays. Some of my clients have web sites maintained in South America and have real issues when material needs to be mailed to a foriegn country. Above all else, you must be willing to spend the time and enjoy your work, otherwise it’s counter-productive.

      Keith Breazeal

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      Hi Keith, and thanks for the timely and on-topic reply.

      You certainly have an impressive andprofessional-looking videowebsiteto your credit and I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through it. Compared tothe high quality of yourvideositemyfirst attempts to post videoon must lookpositively amateurish. However…

      The purpose of my post is to communicate with other videographers on the idea of creating and establishing awebsite network of videographersfor the purpose of increasing our visibility and sales on the Internet. I want to do real estate videos in order to augment my income and towards this end have purchased the domain name of The Real Estate Video Show. You can link to it nowunder the domain name of http://www.ListYourRealEstateFree.comand click on the Videographers Forum toget a feel for what Iam trying to create for an association of videographers in the field of real estate.

      The potentials and possibilties for this sort of Internet organizing by videographers aretopicsworthy of discussion in themselves.

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