Videomaker’s Free Guide to Storyboarding

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      We already posted this on the blog, but figured those of you who just come for storyboarding might miss it… XD

      Videomaker has just launched a free report to help you learn how to make a storyboard for your film or video.

      How to Make a Storyboard: Movie Storyboarding Examples” is a complete guide to the art of the storyboard, written and illustrated by a pro freelance storyboard artist working in the TV industry. It’s all new material, never before seen by human eyes! We’re especially excited about this report, because it includes sample illustrations from storyboard projects to help explain some of the less intuitive storyboarding concepts.

      You can learn more (and see some sample illustrations) on the Videomaker blog. Or just go straight to get your free storyboarding report.

      Hope you guys enjoy!

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