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      Does anyone know why videomaker changed their podcast from the weekly “show” to strictly a “tips and tricks” segment that seems to come out once-in-a-while?

      I really looked forward to seeing a weekly “show.”

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      I liked the longer show with the tips section.

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      I liked the longer show also.

      The reason there’s only “tips and tricks” now is that Videomaker sent outa poll about which section of the show people liked the best. I personally voted for “Take 20”, but Tips and Tricks must have been the winner, because shortly after that, the rest of the show disappeared. I don’t watch the podcast at all anymore. No more Take 20 ruined it for me. Even if the movies were bad, the reviews were good. If they brought back Take 20, I’d send in my short film – which is coming out soon -for a review.

      The poll was the problem. NOTE: Many of the things mentioned in the Video Bits and Bytes section of the podcast are now mentioned in the Video News Blog run by the mag editors. If that what you liked, read the blog.

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      Thanks Chris,

      I really liked watching the whole podcast. Even though there were some things that didn’t directly interest me it was always fun to watch.

      The tips and tricks was my favorite but the Take 20 was also very educational along with the other stuff. I really liked the outtakes too.

      Maybe we’ll get lucky and they will reinstate it.

      Sidney Myers

Viewing 3 reply threads
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