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      Hello! I am currently working on my entry, and have a question regarding music. I know that the composer needs to sign out a paper that gives the videographer by name the right to use his music. But does it have to be in ink? I mean, since I live on the East Coast, and the composer on the West, is it OK if I fax him the paperwork, and can he fax back his signature on it?

      Rather than having to spend weeks going through the postal service?

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      Sounds good. I’ll get to work on this. Thanks!

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      Would this work out in printed version?

      Re: May I Use Your Music? Inbox

      "Justin R. Durban"
      to me

      show details
      Aug 29

      Absolutely! I think I got this email a while back, but wasn’t for sure if
      I replied to it or not. send me whatever forms you need and I’ll do what I
      can to get them signed. I leave the country for two weeks on Sept 3rd –
      14th so anytime before that would be great.

      all the best and looking forward to seeing the finished film.


      justin r. durban
      Composer – Filmmaker – Artist

      Mailing List:

      "Kings and Kingdoms"

      > A visitor at Edgen Animations has left the following information
      > First Name: Ryan
      > Last Name: Nord
      > Email:
      > Subject: May I Use Your Music?
      > The visitor commented:
      > ——————————
      > Heya, Justin.

      I’m entering a video contest, and was wondering if I could
      > have your written permission to use your song Human Nature? I would be
      > honored if you would allow me. Full credit will be given to you, and I
      > would be happy to mail you a DVD copy of the final product.

      Thanks for
      > your time!
      Ryan Nord
      > ..//end

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      Alright! Thanks for making this so easy! We plan to finish filming the weekend of September 22, then I’m off to some furious editing to bring it in to you guys.


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