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      Ok, I’m not a big fan of "Buyer’s Guides", but I do recognize that they can act as a nice summary of what is available and who it is available from…so I have a suggestion for a Videomaker’s Buyer’s Guide—its something that I have not found in any other location, be it web or print—a guide to instructional DVDs.

      Yes, I’m aware that Videomaker has a wonderful series of DVDs (there is an ad sitting at the top of the web page as I type this posting), but there are a whole lot more out there and they offer variations on techniques that I think the readers of Videomaker magazine should consider when looking to purchase. For example, Videomaker’s "Advanced Shooting" is an excellent DVD. But videographers should consider and weigh the benefits of Elite Video’s "Advanced Broadcast Camera Techniques", the entertaining and educational two-DVD set narrated by John Cooksey. And there are more…

      In fact here is what I have uncovered (not in any particular order) in a few hours of searching, but I’m sure there are more: Lighting for Digital Video How to Setup, Light, & Shoot Great Looking Interviews Hollywood Camera Work Light it Right
      Sound Success
      Basic Shooting
      Advanced Shooting
      Introduction to Digital Video Editing
      Introduction to Video Editing-The Art of Titles and Graphics
      Advanced Editing Guide to Advanced Computer Video Editing
      The Money Shot How to Shoot Super Videos
      How to Shoot Great Wedding Videos Professional Videography Techniques Made Simple
      Video Lighting Fundamentals
      Location Sound for Video
      Digital Film School
      Stationary Blocking Advanced Broadcast Camera Techniques
      Digital Lighting Magic: I III DV Enlightenment Mastering the art of lighting for Digital Motion Photography

      Source unknown
      Director/Cameraman: Master the Shoot
      How to Shoot Better Home Movies Start Editing Now Home Video Hits (VHS) Shoot Great Video with your MiniDV Camcorder The Young Filmmakers Club: Video Camera Techniques Camcorder Bootcamp
      Digital Movie Maker: Guidance from an Expert
      Beginners Guide to Digital Video Production DVD Home Moviemaking: A beginners Guide The Language of Film
      The BBC Film and TV Production Training Course
      Video Tech Light Like a Pro, 2nd edition Lighting for Video Film Style Digital Cinema Training Light and Shade: Understanding light and what to do with it
      The Head Shot: Everything you need to know to make great looking shots for film and video
      Green Screen for Idiots: Everything you need to know to make great looking green screen shots Video Production basics

      NEW The Power of Lighting for Film & Video

      NEW-September 07 Light it Right

      NEW-October 07 Kodak Master Class Series
      – Location Lighting
      – Lighting Dances with Wolves
      – Lighting Dead Poets Society
      – Shooting for Black & White
      – Shooting for Drama
      – Shooting for Fantasy
      – Shooting for Realism
      – Studio Lighting
      Basic Video Production: Audio I, II, Camera Operation, Editing, Lighting I, II

      And finally, I’d like Videomaker to go beyond the ‘buyer’s guide’, and see more ‘hands on’ reviews of these instructional DVDs, not just the ‘bare facts’ contained in a buyer’s guide (e.g. 2 DVD set, 2hr 30 mins running time, produced 2006), but also a professional opinion on the content and method of teaching the content…

      Thanks for listening to (er, reading) my suggestion


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      Thank you John,

      My motivation for seeking out the DVDs was because of the lack of training opportunitites for video enthusiasts in the Victoria/Vancouver B.C. area. Sure, there are film schools with year long courses—and Videomaker even brought its three day workshop to Seattle last year "Basics of Video Production" I believe…but I was unable to free up my schedule to attend. Darn..!

      So Videomaker magazine, books and DVDs are my only companions (cue the violin) on my journey to video enlightenment…<grin> and I’d like some expert help from Videomaker staff while choosing my DVD companions…!! So keep those reviews coming and try to shoe-horn one or two more into the "media reviews" when they come out.


      p.s. will add any more DVDs, that I discover, to the list above…

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