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      Hey guys and gals of Videomaker!

      I’ve been hanging around here for a while now and there is one topic that is talked about an awful lot. It has to do with the use of copyrighted music in video productions.

      If you guys are looking for an article to do, how about doing some researching and put a nice article together regarding the do’s and dont’s… what’s legal and what’s not, maybe some links or places one could go to get information or maybe even where to go and get the permission needed. Examples on what one would have to do would be valuable too.

      It seems like there are so many different stories on what one should do and so fourth so I guess I figured with your connections… you could settle this once and for all. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of us here that would be very interested in this topic.

      (aka: RAM)

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      Great article " What’s Legal" in this last issue of VM regarding music and copyright laws. That’s exactly what I was… and I know others were looking for. Now the question is how many of us should be in jail? X-D


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