Videoguys Top 10 Products of 2006

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      Videoguys Top 10 Products of 2006

      Overall it was a very good year delivering many new products to help us transition to our HD future.

      2006 was a transitional year for digital videographers. While we had several very new and exciting products, they were more evolutionary then revolutionary. In fact, my most revolutionary new product of the year isnt even a video product. Its the new Intel Core 2 Duo dual-core CPUs. With the introduction of these new CPUs, in both Apple and Windows computers, we are now getting an incredible level of CPU power and performance at very reasonable prices. With them we can take video editing and production to the next level – and that level is High Definition.

      In addition to our awards for the Top 10 new products, this years article also includes: Videoguys most important steps you need to take before migrating to HD, Honorable Mentions and the Videoguys 3 wishes for 2007!
      Click here for Videoguys Top 10 New Products of 2006!!


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      Actually the real trick for getting clean fast action, fast moving sports footage has to do with the shutter speeds used at the time of filming. I don’t use progressive scan but I would have to think that this would apply to both formats.

      Way back when I first started these football projects, I found that if I use standard or default auto settings that the default shutter speed on my camera would give me a lot of motion blurr. As I slowly started experiementing, I found that increasing the shutter speed will clean up your footage dramatically. You really noticed it when you using slowmotion in your timelines in post. The real trick however is getting the shutter speed set correctly with current lighting conditions.


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      I have to agree on the shutter speed.
      I was told that the slower the better but I found the opposite true.
      I use to "film" at 60fps but now I go 120 when I can.

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