Videoguys mid-range NLE shootout (

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      Affordable Intermediate Video Editing Solutions that enable you to produce much better videos.

      Over the past few months weve been putting together a product line-up of video editing bundles that combine full featured NLE software with analog/DV conversion hardware at a great price. Weve worked with our vendors to make sure that each of these bundles offers you a tremendous value while still keeping the prices as close to $500 as possible. This article reviews four of these bundles:

      1. XDV4AV – Avid Xpress DV w/ ADS Pyro AV Link
      2. API-757 – Sony Vegas 6+DVD Production Suite w/ ADS Pyro AV Link
      3. Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 w/ Pinnacle MovieBox Deluxe
      4. Canopus Edius Pro 3 w/ Canopus ACEDVio

      I hope you find this article very informative. Not only do we review each of these bundles, we go into several of the most important features that separate the software found in these bundles from the cheap video editing titles you can find at your local computer or electronics superstore. If youre looking to get more serious about video editing, this article is a MUST READ for you. Click here to read this great article


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