Videoguys Guide to Understanding HD Formats

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      The goal of this guide is to provide you with a general foundation of
      knowledge about each of the most popular HD formats, so that you can
      use this information as part of your decision. It is not a technical
      manual. I am going to do my best to avoid tech speak and keep it in
      simple to understand terms.

      This guide was NOT written to help you choose a specific camcorder. For
      that our best advice is to go to your local store and check them out.
      Talk to your friends/ colleagues who are already shooting HD and ask
      them what they like best and least about their camcorder. If you can,
      try to borrow it and try it yourself. If you already have an HD
      camcorder, this guide will help you better understand the format you
      have, and it??s pluses and minuses for post production.

      HD is not DV
      This is a very important fact you need to understand and appreciate.
      Editing DV footage is a breeze. Even with a four year old computer it??s
      a piece of cake. You don??t need a ton of processing power or storage.
      You don??t need special hardware and the workflow of importing DV
      footage into your computer via FireWire (or USB), editing it, encoding
      it and then burning it to DVD or publishing it on the web is easy.

      Unfortunately working with HD footage isn??t that simple, and each HD
      format has it??s own unique workflow that can require special settings,
      plug-ins, work arounds and even hardware. Don??t let that scare you
      away. By the end of this article you will have a solid understanding of
      each HD format and a bunch of suggested workflows and solutions.

      Videoguys Blog – Videoguys Guide to Understanding HD Formats


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      I appreciated this article very much also.


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