Videography vs Photograpy

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      Hey everybody, just discovered the website. I’m Eric

      I consider myself as a digital artist and do a lot ot media (graphic, photo and video). I have more than 5 years and I have directed 5 music videos…I just got in Chicago to actually study my passion and earn a degree since there is no school for that in my country (Benin, Western Africa). I hold a degree in communication and advertising but that was just too much theory…

      Here is the fact:

      I use to work as digital media technician in the creative department of an advertising/production agency back home. I did a lot of designs for print, motion graphics and editing and photography. I was really proud back then since i had access to equipment and studio.

      Here I am now, and is struggling to pay my studies. I have decided to buy either a semipro camera and a camcorder and other accessories. but I can only buy one thing at a time.

      I know there is a lot of people here who do both Photo & Video. I would like to know which market will help me make enough money to buy the rest of the equipment.

      I also would like to know if I SD is still around in the US video production because in Africa or rather in my country it is really rare and considered a luxury. I already own what i think is a good computer to do some work and is setting up my website.

      All support will be much appreciated (


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      Both photo and video make a lot of money. It’s not about which industry you are in, it’s about who you know, and if you know a lot of people, and are able to either work for these people, or provide video or photo services to them, then you are good to go.

      SD video is still around, I’m not sure how much longer though. Probably only a few years.

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      SD video is not going anywhere for quite a long time. It will be the format of choice for the majority of consumers for a quite some time. Market penetration of HD wide screen TV’s with the required BlueRay DVD player is not even close to what was being predicted just a few years ago. And I’m not convinced that SD would be considered a “luxury” anywhere on the planet. Every aspect of HD video is significantly more expensive than standard 4:3 SD video. Just a guess on my part, but you may be confusing NTSC video with SECAM or PAL video. PAL is the format in popular use outside of the US and Japan.

      So anyway, if you have a good resume & samples of work that originated on still cameras, it is much more likely that you can find work in that arena than moving into video. It seems everybody and his brother is claiming they are video experts and not a lot of clients can tell the difference. But people who hire work for print are very concerned about the quality of the work and will pay better to get talented people. And when it comes to commercial video work, even prosumer equipment is considered woefully inadequate. So getting a good DSLR will probably get more work for someone with your skill set.

      Good luck with the education and getting some free lance work to cover the costs.

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