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      So, I got my first real video job this next Saturday. The guy told me to “bring an invoice” so I can get paid. I didn’t want to sound like an idiot, so I didn’t ask him what that meant.

      I know this may be really obvious, but what the hell do I need to bring exactly?


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      Sounds like a formal contractor relationship with the “guy.” On the invoice you will bill him for whatever fee you agree on. You give him the paperwork (invoice), he gives you the cash. This gives him a receipt for his business, documenting his expense for your services. Could be used for determining income of the business, supporting expenses (offsetting income) claimed with the IRS, supporting a budget submitted to a source of grant funds financing the film production, etc.

      Also, you have a copy for your records. Important when you are filing taxes and you are into the big money.

      If you don’t have invoices with letterhead, knock one out withwordprocessing software, like MS Word.Doesn’t have to be fancy, couple lines, the date, the amount,time involved, what was delivered (e.g., camera services for x amount of time). Stick a number in an upper corner (Invoice #016), like you’vedone it a few times.A handscribed/scribbled “invoice” on back of envelope not recommended although would prob serve the purpose. First choice might be togeta pad of invoicesat your local office depot for a few bucks.

      Your first gig, hope it’s a good one!!


      (What’s with the tiny font on this forum. What curli-Q’s will be added without my permission when I click Send Post…)

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      You can also get the free version of Quickbooks here:

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      Thanks for the QB link….

      Produce | Shoot | Edit

      Take Two Visual Media

      You can also get the free version of Quickbooks here:

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      Here is mine as an example:


      Video Production and Services

      25 Grady Cres Nepean ON K2H 5S2
      Phone (613) 828-2200

      INVOICE #123-07

      DATE: September 20, 2007


      Service or product $xx.00

      PST 8% (or any other taxes applicable) $xx.00

      Total $xx.00

      Please make your cheque payable to: Bright Motion.


      The easier the better.

      World Video Conversions

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      Bit late to the party but I found this free DJ Invoice template:

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