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      I am thinking about purchasing ‘s pro score dvd. I was wondering if anyone on here has used it and if they liked it and found it helpful in their production?

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      Not trying to plug AK’s product, but it’s not bad. If you’re looking for some high impact music and music elements it’s one of many of good royalty free products out there. We’ve been using it for our current project and many of the elements are perfect fits for visual elements in our film. We’re currently using it in ACID but it should work well in Vegas, Premiere and audio editing software that uses .wav & mp3 audio files.

      You could find a cheaper collection, but the royalty free thing and being able to separate song elements are a nice feature that’s tough to find in other collections.

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      I use it myself and really like it. I really like it when working on trailers and such. i also like how i acn mix and match with the music. and like composite said good high impact stuff there

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      I have it, and what i love about it is that when i have to do a “quick edit”, i can just use one of the pre-made sounds..But when i have more time to edit, i can layer all the music and sounds on Vegas and create my very own and unique soundtrack =D

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