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      I went to I did the 7 day free trial signup, right before I clicked YES, they made me a crazy offer, I accepted the offer. So since yesterday morning I have been downloading music (excellent tracks BTW), sound effects and some spectacular video footage (I have seen some in movies and used on television). But I have an ever growing problem, thus far I have downloaded about 50GB of footage and music, and I am only on page 8 of 1,052. I am never gonna have enough hard drive space for all that I want, and by the time I get to page 1,052 I am sure they would have added more.

      But onto another part of my topic. I have come up with what I hope will be a great DVD series release, I am currently in talks with some friends of mine that have the ability to distribute worldwide. Today my wife took care of some legal stuff to enure that when I go full indie we will be OK. I believe I can do my releases through my friends company and I will be selling worldwide.

      I’ll check back.

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      Greg, good luck with your endeavor, keep us posted.

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      Videoblocks just offered $99 for a full year at unlimited downloads both audio and video. I have used them for a very long time and have been completely satisfied with their serviceproduct offerings.

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      That it what I paid, $99.00 for the year

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      Man, they do have some great stuff! For $99 a year I’m be tempted to let them store it all and just download what I want when needed. The backgrounds and lower thirds alone would almost be worth it to me. Plus, I note that while I haven’t read their legal notices yet, it says “Use in any project, royalty free” on the top of every web page. If they’re that unrestricted, it’s a huge bargain. (A lot of the “royalty free” sites end up having restrictions regarding commercial use when I look into them further.)

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      Here is the link to the usage agreement

      Click to access VideoBlocksRoyaltyFreeLicenseAgreement.pdf

      It is unrestricted, except for re-selling it or posting it for download.

      Basically, YOU can use anything from the site in any project at any time, as long as they have a record that YOU downloaded either during the 7 day free trial or during your membership. If you use something that someone else downloaded and they do not have a record that YOU downloaded, you best hire a lawyer or create and account and download the stuff you used.

      The wording prevents you from sharing your downloads. I formed an account Saturday, paid my $99.00 and have downloaded 100GB, there is at least 2TB of stuff I still want, I can’t possibly do it all in 7 days, so I will have to keep the account and fav what I like, it will then put it in my dashboard for quick finding. Also each clip notes if you downloaded or if it is in your online storage or faved. So it prevents you from doing something twice, in case you forget.

      It is a rush to go through the files though, just too much, you do it for several days and you get like a kid that has eaten too much candy, sick and need to take a nap.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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