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      Challenge Description

      PAE Media seeks a short animation that explains what brand-driven TV really is, in a creative yet simple way.

      Contest Introduction

      TV Advertising is exciting but limited, especially in China. New regulations limit ad time to only 15 seconds per ad; thats not a lot of time to communicate brand values and give information on important topics, nor enough time to engage viewers with a product and its highlights. Besides, people watch TV because they want to be entertained. The slap-in-the-face kind of commercial break is often used to go grab a snack in the kitchen and come back in time for when the show continues.

      Product placement was created as a new way of displaying a product during a show. Companies were told that sticking their product into a show, by having an actor hold their product, or simple placing the product into the background during a scene, would somehow drive consumer preference and influence their purchasing choices. But how likely is that?

      Brand-Driven TV is different. Its exciting. Entertaining. Authentic. Brand-driven TV makes the brand part of the story, an actor in the show, and weave brand information into the fabric of the story. Brand-driven TV shows dont need logo placement or extensive branding because they create a setting for organically integrating a companys products and communicate their brand messages in a subtle, yet powerful way. And this is what we do at PAE Media.

      Brand Driven TV 101

      Here are some ways to think about brand-driven TV versus product placement:

      Product placement is static. A product just sits there.

      Brand-driven is active and dynamic. The brand is a given character and personality and interacts with others.

      Product placement is black and white. Brand-driven is color.

      Product placement is flat, 1-dimensional. Brand-driven is 3d. It leaps right out at you.

      You can place a product in a scene for a few seconds or you can create a show around your brand.

      Product placement is a glass of whisky. Brand-driven is James Bond.

      Story examples

      One Scene. Two Versions of The Goat.

      Version 1: Product Placement

      In the living room: Exciting discussion about a missing friend. Right in the middle of it while the discussion continues, the camera focus on the PAE Goat for 5 seconds.

      Version 2: Brand Driven TV with final product integration

      In the living room: Talking about a missing friend. He is so great, friendly, creative, funny, reliable. Everybody loves him. We miss him, the characters lament. They tell a story about the friend eating paper plates at the company picnic. Finally, a knock on the door. The friend is back. And here he is, the PAE goat.

      Perception / Tone / Guidelines

      Dynamic, exciting, fun, communicative, creative

      Elegant, semi-corporate, high production value, high visibility

      Use PAE Media and PAE marketing & branding efforts in a new and different way

      Information should have a fresh and mind opening tone

      Easy to understand and not too much information


      The winning project will be automatically nominated for the annual PAE Media Golden Goat Award in the Media category. Exposure all over China in diverse industries, management and corporation levels, and prize money.

      Exposure. The clip will be launched with the new PAE Media homepage. It will be placed on full display on the website and it will be used in every PAE Media first contact presentation given all over China. Our clients are, in general, large international companies that are known for their strong interest in unique, innovative, and creative ways of communicating.

      Prize Money. The winner will receive CNY 8,500 (or equivalent currency).


      General rule: No branding other than PAE Media branding. You will receive a media package upon enrolling.

      As you may have figured out, at PAE Media and PAE in general we have a thing for goats (visually, only visually). If you find a way of including a goat or two, or even a whole mountainside, in your clip, we would very much appreciate it. But this is not a necessity and will not give you any extra points. It will make us very happy though.

      Time Line

      Stage I: Contest Application

      Contest Period: Running for 30 days

      Start: 9th of August, 2010

      End: 23rd of August, 2010

      Contestant needs to: Register at PAE Media Contest Homepage

      Contact Details



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      I took a look at these guys and they sort of ‘seem’ legit. What makes me suspicious is though they do have a number of press releases online, there isn’t much other info out there to suggest a well established company.

      Apparently, you submit your Name, E-mail and a short message and they’ll ‘send you’ a briefing package that describes what they’re looking for. On their website they do give two examples of story lines for ‘soft sell’ branding. From what I read, they want you to make a commercial about them using their company logo which is a ‘Golden Goat’.

      Where things get fuzzy, is they say they want an ‘animation’ of this concept, but the descriptions in the examples clearly suggest a live-action commercial. Not to mention, they do not specify whether they want the project done in English or Chinese.

      I did a conversion of the prize money into US Currency and it pans out to $1,249.87. If you think that the potential of your winning with a company in China is worth the effort it would take to do a 15 sec. 2D/3D animated or live-action commercial, feel free to take your chances.

      However, be advised; even if this contest is on the up, they would only pick one vid and they’d have this lovely free pool of e-mails and names and other info that could be pedaled to the highest bidder. There’s nothing to stop them from doing that if they have a mind to.

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      Dear Vidomaker Crowd,

      It seems that there might be the one or the other question about PAE Media.

      PAE Media is part of the business incubator PAE Piech Asia Enterprises and has the focus of designing brand driven TV solutions for large international corporations.

      After you register at our website (all information received will not be used for any other purpose than getting in touch with contact contestants) we will send further information about the contest as well as a digital package with all the necessary files to you in order to get starting on the contest.

      We also saw that where questions about the requirements for the clip. You can all the necessary details on the contest website:

      Start PAE Media Logo
      End PAE Media Logo
      Spot length max. 2 minutes
      Digital file .mov (Quick Time)
      Format Moving pictures (no further restriction). Any format is welcome.
      Sound Yes
      If you use sound, add the sound file also separately
      Words Written Yes, as subtitle or floating words
      Words Spoken Preferably not
      Language English

      If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


      PAE Media

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Panasonic LUMIX GH5s w/ Leica lens

Given away to one lucky winner

Competition is open worldwide