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      Last year I offered to make a video yearbook for the choir class of the high school my child attends. It turned out I sold copies of the concerts I recorded for the yearbook as well as the yearbook itself.

      I’m doing this again this year and wanted to make the yearbook even better. So I wanted to ask if anyone has ever done a video yearbook and can give me some ideas for the DVD layout and content to record.

      Last year I recorded each student introducing themselves and I used that footage to break-away from some concert songs. I also recorded the students in the classroom fooling around while the inteviews were recorded. And I used that footage as break-away cuts during a concert song as well.

      I think it turned out pretty well for my first attempt. But I would still like to maybe see some samples of other work to give me some ideas. So if anyone has anything to share, please let me know.


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      Never done one before, but thought of a decent idea. How about you show the smallest kid singing something and then voice over the super low bass singing. That would be funny… maybe. lol

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      That would be funny. I’ll have to ask the students if anyone is game for it. I don’t want to hurt any feelings. But I think it would be funny to do that to all the sopranos.

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