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      Im creating a video which must also have some pictures in it. I want to add these pictures so that they dont disrupt the overall flow of the video. Has anyone got any suggestions for ways to display pictures inside a video or know of any videos where they have seen this done before? I would like to do something a little different than showing one photo fading into the next.

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      Three Words – Ken Burns Effect.

      This is where you pan and/or zoom the photos – Very nice effect used by many folks (and I’ve been told it was not pioneered by Ken, even though he got the credit for it) – I mix stills and video all the time using this.

      Also, you could use some animated transitions like Digital Juice’s Swipes between photos.

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      yes, i agree with birdcat. go google (or yahoo)”Ken Burns effect”.

      The History channel does this all the time.

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      Adding images can be creatively daunting, KB effect aside, I look at some of my earlier works or ‘life celebrations’ and see too may zig zags to find “the person” in their class or family picture, zoom in on one, zoom out on another, pan left, pan right – I know! I can get monotonous! I really don’t go for wipes and other effects but I will say, if I had to do some of my early stuff again, I would stick to fades as my primary tranisitons between images and save the KB effect for some really special and rare images – reducing the amount of sea sickness! My advice, don’t feel compelled to ‘work’ every image – but do leave it on the screen long enough for what the audience will appreciate seeing. That being said, I can think of two ways to introduce images that many people don’t use. Picture in picture (still+still) and movie + picture. In one of my videos I had an image of the company founder, but no video of him. I put the image of him on the right of the screen, composed a podium in front of him, on on the left of him I put a large projector screen and had images of the different company braches appear on the projector screen. I also transitioned the podium to indicate a company name change.

      Combining video and images, I had images disolve and on off screen while folks reminised about the ‘ol days’

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      also don’t forget you can add video into your stills….

      I got one shot of a bride applying some lipstick in a mirror, and there’s a picture frame on the desk, where i plan to add a video clip.

      but to the question, it depends on your nle, in imovie hd you can apply the kenburns effect to the image on import, then cut and pasteover at playhead for a fast job or using motion in fce if you got more time/skill….

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      I really don’t go for wipes and other effects

      I wasn’t referring to the George Lucas school of using every wipe in the book, but to the animated overlays that Digital Juice makes called swipes. They also need to be used judiciously but can really make a slideshow a lot nicer.

      I used some of them in this slideshow (which I did for my mother-in-law):

      Please be aware that I also believe I overused the KB effect on the pans as Bruce referred to above and will at some point be reworking those (I like the zooms and won’t be touching those).

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      Video is really only moving pictures if you really think about it. So use that same concept with your stills. Try to give them life through movement, size changes and so on. Your can make a real slick video with just pictures if you do it right.

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      The technical name for the Ken Burns effect is called kinestasis.

      It probably is the easiest ways of combining still images with video. There are many other ways, but they depend on your technology. AfterEffects, Motion, Shake, Combustion, Photoshop all have tools and techniques for creating far more visually engaging graphics than the kinestasis alone. But if you aren’t familiar with them, it wouldn’t be an option.

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      I would suggest trying a software program called “Photo-to-Movie” from You can down load a free demo of the program. It allows you to create the “Ken Burns” effect with photos. It is available for both Windows and Macs.

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