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      Wow!!! That was elaborate… hahaha

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      Between the photographers standing in front of the video camera, little and not so little children knocking the tripod as they go past and those with very heavy feet walking past on a wooden floor, it is almost always making the best of a bad situation. I have been so tempted to purchase a long cattle prod to keep the ignorant people at bay. I Love the Photographers verses the Videographers.

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      Having started out as a still photographer always getting frustrated by the video guy stepping in front of me as I was about hit the shutter button, I got even by moving over to video and telling them that I got tired of waiting for the decisive moment to come and am happier shooting video capturing all of the moments and cutting out the bad ones. Thanks for the video, I really appreciated it

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      this is why I switched to shooting BOTH together…
      I used to hate having videographers getting in my way when shooting stills… same with other people when I’m shooing video…
      this is why multicam is important….
      I do same day edits… and IF somebody puts thier butt in front of my video cam, I can cutaway to another camera, or still shot.. but I make a point of adding a clip of the offenders butt in my same day edit, which I play at the receptions… lol… if you don’t want a wide angle shot of you butt on the big screen, keep your butt out of my way… hehehe!

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      Ha Ha that was brilliant…… Good post

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      ” I used to hate having videographers getting in my way when shooting stills… “

      Jeez! How else would they know where the bestshot was??

      Rick Crampton

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      This is why I haven’t done a wedding in ten years. Everyone is competing with the bride for the drama. The last wedding I did, the photographer got in my way. Gave me a smerk and a hollow sorry about it but i told her that filming her taking pictures was just a part of the environment. Footage of her taking pictures of the guests just flowed with everything. Seemed to make her even more mad. Didn’t matter to me, I got paid well for it.

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      why can’t I see the video? It is as if it was removed.

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      I never had a problem with Photographers, but the couple’s wedding photographer usually came as part of the video package. Local college had kids who needed experience, they came cheap, couples were happy, and they new well enough to stay out of our way when we were shooting. Couples who used this approach saved money , got more than they expected and loved it.

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      Not bad at all.

      I guess the ‘photogs’ didn’t realize they were in a ‘video’…. You are only a true master of imagery until you can command both the ‘Still’ and ‘Moving’ sides….

      I started out as a still weenie and 6 years later trained for video. I’ve shot still jobs and brought a video camera along and vice versa. I’ve also gone on jobs where I did both at the same time. Now with still video hybrids I switch back and forth in the same scene. For me, when I’m doing one I’m thinking how great it would look as the other.

      As for dealing with ‘bad shooters’, you get those sometimes. However, I just say early on for them to shadow me so neither of us gets in each other’s shot. I initially worked in tandem with a still or video shooter depending on what I was assigned with and that’s how we operated. Rarely did either of us get into another’s shot. Main time you have to worry about that is when you’re covering an event and there are many other shooters. In those situations it’s like being a crab in a barrel because everybody’s looking out for themselves. I’ve had to throw some elbows a few times in those situations due to some seriously aggressive behavior.

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      Being a photojournalist has helped me avoid this kind of problems. I learned to take the photo (in my mind) before pressing the shutter. I noticed that some still photographers have an issue with videographers and I usually tell them to shoot from a different angle. Usually it works for both the photographer and videographer and gives an outstanding result.

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      the problems these days are the Fauxtographers… these idiots go out buy an entry level d-slr with kit lens, get a couple decent snaps, then hang up an “I’m a pro and open for business” sign…
      these freakin idiots get into your frame, stand there like morons shooting five thousand images on full auto, hoping for a keeper and when they aren’t snapping away, they stand there and try to look for a keeper on the lcd on camera… the whole time with thier back to you. They lack the common sense to just walk in get a shot and walk out and let you film.

      then you get the amateur videogophers that get into business the same way… these morons don’t seem to have a clues what the customers need and are walking forwards and backwards crawling around on thier knees trying to get upskirt and weird angle shots and they trip over everything and everybody to get thier shots… all the while trying to get the same shots as the pro photogs..

      God forbid the happy couple hire two idiots for the same!

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      Having been on both sides of this discussion, I have had photographers work hard to stay out of my video frame when shooting formal events and other who don’t care because I used to be one of them but have gone over to the dark side. I just tell them that i got tired of waiting for the decisive moment and went for capturing all of the moments and then go in and cut the bad ones and tell the story with pictures and sound.

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