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      I had just purchased a Sony VX2100 used, and it takes great video. My question is this I have a Dell 3000 PC and was told I need a PCI card. Could some one direct me in the right direction, some use USB and others use firewire cables. The cable supplied with camera, Sony calls a I-Link cable. I know this cable will not fit a USB port and was told not to use a USB for it will deteriorate the quality of video. I looked at various sites and this further confuses me. Sony only wants to sell me their walkman for $900.00. I need to know which PCI card I need for my Dell 3000 and if any drivers or soft wear is needed in order to upload video from my Sony VX2100 to my computer and or internet. Thanks TOM

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      “?Sony only wants to sell me their walkman for $900.00.”

      lol, that’s funny.

      Anyway, I believe iLink is Sony’s way of saying firewire. If your computer doesn’t have a firewire connection, then you need to get a firewire card to insert into a PCI slot. Connect your camera to your computer with a 4-pin to 6-pin firewire cable. The 4-pin end connects to your camera and the 6-pin end connects to your computer.

      You will need some kind of editing software to capture video from your camera. Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, etc.

      USB cannot capture video from tape. So don’t let some schmuck tell you that you can.

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      I own 3 VX2100’s.

      Yes. iLink is simply Firewire. There is nothing more to it than that.

      All you need to get for your computer is a Firewire card, if it didn’t have one already built in when you bought it.


      A PCI card only means the type of connection the card makes to the motherboard of the computer. Not the connection the Camera makes to the PC.

      If you open the computer, you will see long white slots on the motherboard with actual cards vertically coming out of it

      The firewire card that you need to get simply connects to the computer via a PCI slot on the mother board.

      Downloading your Tapes:

      Connect your camera with the Firewire cable (iLink) to the computer’s Firewire port. Do not connect unless the camera is off otherwise the camera won’t be recognized and it could possibly be damaged.

      You will need editing software to edit your movies, true. But there are 2 ways to capture the video from the camcorder.

      1. One way is to use Editing software. Since you are obviously a Novice and are probably only going to be doing home movies, I would just stick with Windows Movie Maker. It comes FREE with WIN XP, Vista, & Win 7 so you don’t have to purchase anything. Now, the good thing about this is that there is also a capture tape function within Windows Movie maker. I’ve highlighted the steps below. Or you can look online for a detailed instruction.

      To do this: Import Video -> From Camera -> then follow the onscreen prompts.

      When asked what format to same it in, choose either DV AVI or a high quality Windows Media Video (WMV). AVI will be about 12-15GB per tape. WMV will be significantly smaller but the quality won’t be as good unless you choose the best setting.

      2. The second way to capture video is to use this small application. I always used this until I began using MACs.

      It’s called WinDV. A small capture application for MiniDV cameras.


      You cannot transfer video from the Sony VX2100 using USB. So don’t even try. Of course that would be completely impossible since it doesn’t even have a USB port.

      Good Luck

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      FYI – I have captured video from tape (MiniDV – Sony HC40) using my USB 2.0 connection in the past (hard pressed to remember how right now) but the 1394 method gives you better control and faster throughput.

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      I would like to thank everyone who helped. I ended up going to and looked at all options than read the reviews on each before deciding one of three. Reviewed those reviews and settled on the SIIG 1394 3-port PCI card mdl#440012. One thing most wrote in the reviews was that Texas Instrument had the better chip which this one has. Don’t know if I made the best decision, but what I based it on was the TI chip and of the final 3 choices this one had 100% on the reviews. Again thanks for the help. I’m looking forward to uploading some video’s, as soon as I receive the product.

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