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      So, lately I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on different websites asking how to compress for the web. Those of us who do know how to do this probably never answer these questions with all the details because well, there’s just so much to know. So I’ve decided this is going to be the topic of my first tutorial, and I posted it on YouTube.

      This covers how to use Compressor in Apple’s Final Cut Studio bundle, however, the concepts will still hold true in any media compression software.


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      Great job Rob! I am a PC person but was very able to follow along without a problem.

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      Not bad. I do think for the next one you should zoom in for those sections where your selecting and setting up stuff from the menus so the viewer can see them clearly. Other than that, like Bird said, it was easy to follow.

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      Thank guys.

      I agree about the zooming thing. This was my first tutorial and I kinda did it backwards. I thought it would be faster to go through the process AND THEN write the VO according to what I did, but it actually wasn’t faster. I’m going to have to flip-flop that for the future.

      I think this will still help people when compressing for the web though.

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      Great job. I just bought FC Pro and have not used compressor yet but with your tutorial, I’m ready to use it tomorrow. Your explanations and pace were pretty good. It was easy to follow along and yet not too slow that I would get board.

      Zooming in on some of the clicks would have helped too, but other than that: GREAT JOB!


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